When was the last time you posted on any of your social media platforms? What will your clients see about your company? It is very important to keep these items up to date and keep your customers in tune with your company.

Keeping your platforms updated can continually keep your followers engaged. If you do post daily or even multiple times a day, your followers notice this and will be looking for your posts to see what new items you share and also recommend you to others.

Customers will make a judgement about your company within in seconds of viewing your website or social media pages. That is one of the main reasons you need to keep it current and relevant to your business. It is also a good idea to add your social media buttons to your website. This way when people land on your website, they can also view your social media very easily.

Here are a few other reasons to maintain your social media accounts:

Generates Leads

Using social media to connect with other Indianapolis companies is a great way to gain potential clients. There are millions on social media platforms and never a shortage of people to reach out to when looking for new clients or interacting with current ones. Positive connections and posts, will attract your current customers and can generate referrals from them. They can share a post of a sale or new product that you are sharing. Post about a sale or new product to draw people in.

Provides Feedback

If you keep your website and social media platforms up to date you can refer your current clients and patients to any of them to provide feedback about their experience with your company. For example, if you are a medical office you can ask for feedback about your patient’s experience with the doctors they have seen. This is particular relevant when a doctor has a ratings page on your website, that links to other important sites that people rate doctors on.

It is also a good idea to post about new products and ask customers what they think about the new item. You can also ask customers to rate your services that you perform, such as for a home improvement company. Create a graphic and link to post on your social media that will link from your social media platforms. This will also generate more traffic to your website.

SEO Optimization

When a person or a company tries searching for your Indianapolis company, you want to be relevant on Google.  There is no doubt that your social media platforms will be found when someone searches your company name. There is also evidence that social media can help with your Google rankings. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extremely important to utilize if you want your company to be found when people search for key terms. For example, if someone is looking for an eye doctor in Indianapolis, they may search for “Indianapolis Eye Doctor.” Having a Google + page will improve your ranking, while also providing the searcher with information about your company. If they then type in your company name, once they have found you, your social media platforms will pop up. Will they be update to date with relevant information such as hours, services and potential specials to attract the new client to your Indianapolis company over others? Add your key words to your social media about section and fill in all fields of your bio section for SEO benefits.

Some people think that Google + is not a relevant social media outlet to have, when in fact it may be one of the first ones people see when searching for your company. It pays to have this updated and engage with others on it as well.

Having people or companies mention you in posts is also a good boost for your SEO.  The more you are mentioned, the more relevant you are online.

Educate your Clients

You’re passionate about your company, why not educate your clients/customers about it as well. Share fun facts, new employees, new products and history of your company. Post anything to educate them on your services and or products. This will require less research on their end and drive them to your company because of the ease it is for them to learn about you.

Let us Help!

Now that you can see the obvious reasons it is important to update and maintain your social media, give yourself a schedule of when you are going to post online and stick to it. If it is easier to post once a day to get in the habit, start there. Try and keep this consistent and do some research for the best times of days to post.

If you do not have the time to keep your social media pages up to date, NEXTFLY can help. We offer monthly hourly retainers to assist our clients in exactly this service. We can write your content and blogs as well, to keep your website up to date, while improving your Indianapolis SEO. All of these items can then be shared on your social media as well. Let us help build and grow your company. Contact us today!