It has been months since you have met with your web developer and now some time has passed and your in need of a quick freshen up on your website.  Are you looking at old pictures on your site, or perhaps you are thinking man I have some new pictures from the event last week. Keep reading because below you have a few ways to freshen up your site.

Dated Events

Last winter during Christmas time you ran a sale for 40% off your entire store, well did you remember to log into your website and take off that coupon? One huge thing that companies forget about is removing old coupons or events from the site. Most companies have an event section that tags and showcases the upcoming events. Which is great for your viewers, but can be a detractor if you havent updated or removed old events. 

Update Pictures

Remember the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Well your banner pictures can do the same for your potential clients. Tech changes all the time and the quality of pictures are so important when people first visit your website or web store. If you have old outdated material it is important to keep up to date with recent pictures that showcase what you do! If the last Google or Facebook testimonial you received was from 2010 people might think are they still in business?


Keep your clients up to date with personalized messages or helpful how to’s. This can be a great way to engage your potential clients and show that you are up to date and staying relevant with the changing times! This can exponentially grow your websites exposure and helps index your website with the search engines. People do business with people they can engage with and keeping a blog up to date is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your clients engagements.

A Second Set Of Eyes

Have someone who knows very little about your industry take a once over your website and give you feedback. It sounds way to easy and why would I ever do this? Well your first question to them should be, okay what do we do as a business? If they are unable to articulate what you do or how you do it, then we know something is wrong. We need to restructure the website or recreate pages in order to drive this point home. Because if they have no clue when, where, why or how you do business; then how would anyone who is a first time visitor know? Check your about us page, is it up to date with new employee’s and previous one removed? Because this is quick way that people check how big a company is and believe me more people go to the about us page and staff pages that you would believe.

Drive It Home

Perhaps the most important part of keeping your website up to date is having relevant content. If you have something on your website or web store that you no longer have or service. Then it is doing a dis-service to you and your potential clients. Ever went to the store and they are out of stock of something? First thoughts I have is man I just wasted 45 minutes and now I have to start over. Potential Clients might have the same feeling if they search and find a product, then call you only to find out that you no longer offer such a product or service!

Any questions on keeping your website up to date, just reach out and let us know we are here to answer all your questions!