To survive in today’s society, it is extremely important to have a website to make your Indianapolis company stand out among it’s competitors. If someone performs a Google search of your company name what would  they find? If they do not find a company website, they may not take your company as serious as the others in your industry. They may wonder if your company still exists and how reputable it is without being able to perform a web search to learn more about it.

People are interested in seeing the work you perform, your history, client reviews, having contact information easily assessable and a form to fill out for a sales person or consultant to reach out to them. They also enjoy seeing images of your work and projects performed around Indianapolis. Without a company website, it is hard for a consumer to truly know who they will be doing business with.

With all of that being said,  you may not know where to begin. Lucky our company are experts in Indianapolis Web Design and have 15 plus years of experience under our belt. Not only can we design a website that will showcase the work that you perform, but it will be eye-catching and user friendly. Not only for the consumer, but for you as well. Yes, once you have a website designed by our Indianapolis company, we will provide you with a free 2 hour training on how to use the backend of you website. I know this may sound scary or foreign to some of you, but we will show you the basics to be able to update your website after your launch.

With one of our content management systems, you will have the ability to update your images, content and blogs, all in a seamless easy process. The advantages of this training are a bonus to any Indianapolis company and we take pride in helping our clients succeed.

Take a Look at the Advantages of Using a Content Management System below:

  1. User-friendly to the non-techy person. Once you are trained, you will easily be able to make updates with a few simple clicks on the backend. WordPress makes this easy for anyone, not just web designers and developers.
  2. You can have multiple users. Once we train you and your staff, someone on your team can be in charge of updating all items on your website. Multiple people can be in charge of different parts of the website. Whether it is adding products to the product pages or writing a blog. A CMS allows you to manage roles and publishing permissions to your staff. Therefore, only these individuals are allow to publish items.
  3. Make  a schedule. All CMS will allow you to view the status of all content. You can save pages or blogs as drafts or schedule them out to be posted at a later date. This is very convenient when writing blogs.
  4. Easy to manage content. The beauty of a CMS is that once content is outdated, you can easily go in and make changes to that content. No need to call your local Indianapolis web design company since you will be able to make these on your own and at your convenience. We do however, allow 15 minutes of free help, after that we have a billable rate, but we are available if you have any questions at all.
  5. Convenience. If it is a Saturday afternoon and you want to make changes to your website, with a CMS, you will be able to do so. This is one of the biggest advantages of having a CMS. Sometimes you need to make a quick edit and you happen to think about it when our Indianapolis Web Design company is closed. No problem, with admin rights you can perform this on your own, whenever you chose to.
  6. You’re in Control. Instead of relying on an outside source, you are in control of your website. You can assign tasks, roles and check on the status of these with a CMS. You are the driver, which is important in this demanding online world.

Now that you realize how easy a CMS is to manage and that you have the option to be in control of your Indianapolis website once it goes live, feel free to contact us to get started on your company’s website. We look forward to becoming your next Indianapolis Web Design Company!