When is the last time you stopped and took a few minutes to think about how to grow your business from networking? How often are out there being the face of your business and really creating a household name for yourself?

Well now is the time to really get that ball rolling, its never to late to start networking! So where to being you might ask? My personal favorite is BNI Indiana, this is a place where you can join a group of like minded individuals who understand the inner workings of being an entrepreneur and believe in a givers gain mentality. Meaning, that if I give business and refer people to you that you will want to refer people to my business. And, it really works I have been networking with BNI for over a year now and it really has begun to reap its benefits with having people I know and trust to pass business too. Because when that happens they want to pass me business.

Second, SPARKS is a group that was started here local to Indiana and has really picked up steam when people did not want to have a paid service for networking. That being said its more difficult because people do not take networking as serious when there is not some type of money to keep people coming back and giving full effort towards growing each others business.

I have found that by adding a pay service for networking like BNI Indiana and giving requirements for attendance, referrals, and one to one meetings. People take it so much more serious and they are willing to go an extra mile because you are more than willing to go the extra mile for them as well. And, frankly, that makes a huge difference down the line. Since after all you are attempting to make a long term referral network with your trusted business partners. Having them trust you and go the extra mile for you is the differentiator in how successful your networking efforts will be!

I have found that being present and going consistently is huge, along with joining the discussion even if you don’t know the topic at hand. So be my guest and I will bring you to my BNI group and you can see what all the buzz in networking is all about!