So you have began building your website or redesigning your website and you have began to wonder, what is the best way to build your content into your website. There are a couple of popular web sit builder plugins that have gained popularity over the past few years, they give you a what you see is what you get type of website editing/building your website. They allow you to have a visual idea of what your content will look like, they even have a front end build that allows you to edit your website content will looking directly at the web page itself. 

Lets start with the most popular.

WPBakery, this plugin is a powerful plugin that is arguably the most popular. That offers plenty of premium templates for not only building whole pages but also individual sections of content as well. This makes for a well rounded plugin that offers a full suite of content building tools, you can also get additional plugins to add to the WPBakery plugin that will allows you to have more icons and free stock images.

Divi, this is a plugin that has really gained popularity in the developer community due to the ability to add custom css and coding to each section of content individually. Which in my experience really can add a nice touch to your website and add a touch of customization. Another plugin that has a full suite of templates and content sections for you to use at your disposal for editing and updating your content on your new website!

Thirdly, Elementor which in my experience does not have as many templates and customization as the previous two website builder plugins. However, there is a HUGE community and forums that you can post on or go get information about in regards to building content sections and web pages. They have some templates but they are not as robust from my experience as the WPBakery or Divi Plugins.

After I have gained knowledge and first had experience with all three of the plugins and been able to fully build websites using them. I have came to the realization that my personal favorite is WPBakery, because I have found that when building your full website that having templates at your disposal can make a world of difference. But also, that being able to do some additional plugins and support can be a huge help. Example being that if WPBakery did not come with an icon that you need you can go get the WPBakery icon pack which has a full list of icons for you. This just really maximizes the range of your website builder plugin.

But in conclusion I feel that all the builders are good to use and really can help put finishing touches and customization to your website. They each excel in their own way, WPBakery has a wide range of additional plugins and templates. Elementor has a large community and forum following to help you at each turn of the way along with user submitted step by step directions. Divi, has custom input sections and a robust template selection. So choose what best suites your personal preference!