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5 Bands Your Developer Jams Out To

I’ve never been a big TV type of person, well, besides watching sports. I am a huge USC and Seattle Seahawks fan and I rarely miss a game. Everyone here knows how much I love Seattle and it’s the running joke of the office. Why you ask, because I’ve never been there. But we as many of you know, Seattle is one know for it’s music and many awesome bands have come from there.

In my free time I listen to music a lot. Unless my team’s games are on, I rarely watch TV. My musical taste range is out there. I go from classical to rock to dance to jazz. And I listen to music from the states to overseas. I feel like I listen to more foreigner type of music than American artists though. These range from Korean, German, French, Belgian, Canadian artists. 

I have a lot of favorite artists that I tend to jam to while I am at work. Music definitely makes the day go faster, especially in the developer’s world. Whether I play our work play list on our echo or have my headphones in, I love listening to music about 80% of the day. Here are a few of my favorite artists and a little bit about them.


I have been listening to Justice for years now and am quite obsessed with them. I was able to see them for the first time live this year at Lollapalooza in Chicago. I even had front row, center stage. It was one of the most epic shows. I usually listen to all three of their albums and three live sets at least once a week. Justice is an electronic dance duo from France. They have elements of EDM, disco, and rock.


Rammstein is one of my all time favorite bands. They are a band from East Germany. They are named after the U.S air force base Rammstein. Rammstein is the first industrial metal band that I fell in love with. Industrial metal is a mix between metal and electronic music. They use heavy riffs, synthesizers, sampling and lead singers bass voice. They are more known for their over the top live productions.

Mr. Oizo

Oizo is probably my most out there artist I listen to. He fits in to the French House genre, but I feel like he is more experimental. He uses some of the weirdest drums, synths, chords, and cuts. Perfect example of his weirdness is the song Chairs featuring Mocky. Oizo is also label mates with Justice under the label of Ed Banger.


FloFilz is the newest artist on the list. He’s a mix of jazz and hip- hop. He uses hip-hop drums loops and uses jazz elements of piano, bells, and sax.


They were a South Korean girl group that formed 2009. The first time I heard them was when their I Am the Best song was used in the Samsung Galaxy S6 commercial. They sing in Korean and English and harmonize in most of their songs. 

I thought it would be cool to share some of the music that I listen to while I am working on the dev projects here at NEXTFLY. Maybe you will enjoy listening to some of them as well.