I know, I know… It is not a gift that would be exciting, nor would it get you a quick and immediate response. This is not one of those gifts that you are going to wrap up and tie a bow onto, this is a gift that you bring to the business table and present as the gift that will keep on giving. Anywhere from Search Engine Optimization and data collection, to social media traction, below are 5 WordPress plugins you can add to a website that make things easy for you on the backend, as well as help guide traffic to your site.

1.) Juicer – Juicer is a social media plugin that you can sign up for where all posts you make on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, will automatically be added to a direct page on your site like posts. It is a fun way to display your social media posts on your site without the viewer having to have to go to each outlet to see your posts. This plugin is also very easy to set up and add to your site.

2.) bbPress – bbPress is a plugin not for all but if you want discussions and “buzz” that will keep people coming back to your site, this is a perfect way to create a forum where people can come and discuss things on your site with other users. Twitter is big because it gives people the option to have real time conversations with random people who are also interested in the same things. This is a bit more technical to set up but there are many different looks and layouts you can go with. A bit more technical does not mean difficult as the standard bbPress does come with a standard layout that would work.

3.) Yoast – Yoast is a plugin that has a very good algorithm to tell you how a page or site is doing for search engine optimization. Although it is not the exact specs that Google uses, it is an incredibly useful tool to tell you whether you need more content on a page, if your meta tags  are not set up correctly and much more. It is very hard to get a perfect score with this plugin but it helps you strive for perfectness when getting your site as optimized as possible.

4.) Mailchimp – Mailchimp is actually a marketing site where you can sign up and create your own personal account. Once you have that set up, you can create personal email categories and templates that you can standardize to send personalized emails to individuals or even groups with a click of a button. Now comes the plugin! The plugin is very simple to instal and set up with your Mailchimp login info. Once you have this set up, you can send certain contact form information filled out on your site to your categories in your Mailchimp account. Example below:

I want to create two separate groups to send two different pre-set email templates to.

  1. New Clients
  2. Existing Members

You can set up a new client contact form on your site which will auto generate the email address the new client adds into your “new client” list in Mailchimp. Therefore, when you create the email for new clients, it will send to all new clients. You can then change those new clients over to existing members in your Mailchimp account.

5.) Contact Form 7 – This is an easy one and in my opinion should be a standard. This is just a simple plugin which creates a contact form on your site and captures your viewers information and stores it on the backend of your site. It will also email you the contact form content immediately so that you can reach out if needed in a timely manner.