You’ve met with your web designer, picked out a design and layout for your site, found the perfect images to showcase your work and after a few months of collaboration and development, your website goes live. Then you think, wow all of this hard work is completed I can breathe, well yes, to a degree. But if you want all of your hard work to pay off, there are a few key items that you need to do to keep your website fresh. 

Your company’s website is one of the first impressions your potential or current client view about your Indianapolis company. It is great to have the website visually appealing to the client’s eyes, however you also must keep items current on your website. This shows the client that you take pride in your work and that you also have relevant information posted on your site. Not only does this show them current sales, etc., but it also allows them to know that your business is still around. Sometimes you land on a website and the last time they updated anything may have been years ago. To a consumer, they may think this company is no longer in business. Don’t let this happen to you! You do not want to lose a potential client, because you have not updated your website.

Here are 5 easy tips to keep your website fresh and your client’s drawn in:

I’m Late For a Very Important Date.  The main item a lot of companies forget about deleting is old events with past dates.  If you had an event in January and it is now May, the event should not still be posted on your website. This can be distracting and or confusing to viewers. Someone may see a post that states “This Saturday, storewide 50% off sale.” When in actuality, that was a Saturday in January. That can be frustrating to them and you may lose out on clients in the long run, if you continue to do so. The best way to avoid this from happening is to set a calendar reminder for yourself to delete this post on a certain date.

Keep It Current.  Just like above, the content on your website should be current as well. If you had a new employee start in December and you posted a banner image welcoming them, this should be taken down in due time.  The same should go into effect if you have an “About Us” page and there are employees that are no longer with the company. Someone may try and contact that employee that is on the website. If you no longer sell a certain product, but your content states that you do, this is deceiving to clients and can only cause problems when they visit your store or place of business looking for this product. If the last testimonial you received was in 2013, clients may wonder why no on has left a review since then or even worse they may think you are out of business. Keep your content relevant and current to what is going on within your company today. A good tip to keep all content current is to have someone in charge of all website updates. Keep them in the loop if an employee leaves and if any products are obsolete. 

Keep the Blogs Flowing. If you do not have a blog on your website, it would be a good idea to have one developed. Not only will this help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but it will also provide a personal touch to your website. Adding new content such as blogs, is a great tool to keep content fresh, which is a bonus that Google views as a positive with SEO. This also gives clients a look inside your business and personality. If you are stuck on what topics to write about, Google search blog topics for your particular business, write about a product or service and or anything relevant that may be going on at your company.

Update Your Images and Homepage. Fresh images can really change the appearance of your website. Update your home page and inner page banners, products and or images throughout the site every now and again.  This can really make your site look like it was redesigned. Set a calendar reminder every few months to update images. This can be an easy, quick update,  that regular clients will notice.

Put Your Eyes on It. I know this sounds simple and you would think most people visit their own site, but a lot of people do not.  A vast majority of people may not check their site for days, weeks and or months at a time. Double check your staff page, your products and services, and if the links are going to the correct pages.  All of these items are important to keep current if you want to stay on track. Or the flip side of this, maybe you visit your site too often. You’ve become so familiar with it, that all the items blend together. Have a friend and or family member browse through your site. Sometimes just having a fresh pair of eyes on your site can really help see what content needs to be updated and or what content should be deleted. Pick a day at least once a week to browse over it to ensure nothing was missed, still posted, and that it is most importantly functioning properly. 

The key to having a successful business is to make sure all aspects are maintained and up and running. Your website is a huge part of the user experience, so follow these tips above and you should stay on track to providing them with a fresh and current website.