We’ve all had that moment, when we spent time writing the “perfect” blog, hit publish and wait for the comments or shares to follow. But if you’re like many, there may not be any or very limited interaction with your audience.  This needs to change and we can help begin this process by supplying tips that can increase your blog traffic.

When writing a blog, think about what may interest your target audience. This sounds simple, but if what you’re writing about doesn’t sound interesting to you, then chances are it won’t to others either.

It’s best to spend 2-5 hours to write your blog. This includes research, writing a catchy headline and writing the blog itself. Although this is a rough estimate about how much time this should take, keep in mind good content takes awhile to research and the main goal is to connect with your audience.

Here are 7 Killer Tips to Use When Writing Your Next Blog:

1. Share Blogs More Then Once – Most of us post a blog or share this once on social media and think this is enough. But how many people may have missed your post? If you’re writing useful blogs, this content is evergreen, therefore this means the content is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers.

It’s ok to repost this blog on social media a few days later and the following week. You will begin to see how much more interaction this blog receives. This generally reaches more people, since not everyone saw your post or tweet to begin with.

 2. Use a Catchy Headline – When you glance over the posts or tweets on social media what makes you want to read them? In most cases it’s something catchy the writer says to draw you in. One of the most recent blogs we wrote was on this very topic. Most people don’t realize you have 3 seconds to catch the audiences attention. So believe it or not, you could have amazing content, but it starts in the headline.

3. Use Links – Links are a powerful part of your blog. Links are noticed by search engines, which potentially gives your blog more exposure. If you link to a website, this allows that person to know you are linking to their content. This may open the door for them to read your content and also post on add your links to their blogs.

4. Blog Once A Week – If possible write a new, fresh blog once a week. In between these blogs, remember to post relevant articles or tweets to your industry which have helpful/useful tips to clients. The key is to stay active, but if time does not permit you to write a fresh blog a week, aim for every 15 days.

Here are key ideas for the “In Between” posts:

  • Post a link to a relevant article and comment on it
  • Announce any news in your industry or company
  • Ask a question that will start a discussion
  • Post a new trick or tip that your audience may find useful

5. Post Images – Images grab the viewers attention. Not only do they make your post look more appealing, they also can be found by search engines. People use the image search provided by Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you name the image using SEO, your post may show up and increase traffic.

6. Tag Your Blog – By tagging your blog posts, you may reach readers that perform searches on popular blog topics. Tags are similar to links, which are noticed by search engines.

7. Add Comments – This is a quick, easy way to interact with readers. If someone leaves a comment, make sure you comment back to them. Let the reader know you appreciate them reading and answer any questions they have. Also, comment on other blogs, this will draw new people to your blog.

There are multiple plug ins you can add to your blog to increase interaction also. Disqus Comment System is one of the most popular. It is not tied to WordPress, so a user can comment on any type of blog that Disqus is installed. It allows for threaded comments, notifications and reply by email and built in spam filters. You can also connect with a large discussion community using this plug in.  Comments are indexed by search engines, which is a great bonus. All of these features increase exposure and readership.

All of these tips will give you a good start to reaching more people and increasing the traffic to your blog. Now its up to you to be proactive and put these tips to work. Good Luck!