How to Put Together a Site Map

When working with clients on a website there is one phase in the development process where we tend to get stuck – developing a site structure. It’s a daunting task as a small business owner, and often times, is difficult to determine where to start. To begin, you need to ask yourself a the following question: what […]

There’s More to Nextfly Than Designing Websites

One thing that is awesome about working with Nextfly is the great customer relationships we have. With both new and old clients, we love being able to help those businesses develop the online presence that they deserve. When you sign up to have a new website with Nextfly, it does not end with a simple […]

Do Mobile Design The Right Way

When researching a blog topic to write about this week, I found a blog post that I made February 2013 about the importance of mobile website designs for restaurants. At the time mobile design was becoming popular, but many restaurants were slow to develop their own mobile sites. Since 2014, I have seen more and […]

The Internet Takes on the World Cup

Being a born-and-raised soccer fan, I’m loving all the attention the World Cup has brought to my favorite sport. World class talent is being showcased on a national stage and, with that, world class website restructuring has happened to make sure everyone is connected to the current ongoings of the event. Below I have listed […]

Social Media 101: Hashtags Explained

Last night I was sitting with a group of my friends on their phones. One stated to the other, “Look at all the hashtags that she put on her Instagram photo.” In which my other friend replied, “I don’t understand the point of hashtags. Why do people use them?” I figured it was time to […]

Why It’s Important to Update Your Website Content

Developing a website is a time consuming process. You spend months with a designer talking about how you want your website to look and function, gather all the content you want and then work on formatting it to look good with your new website design. Next thing you know, your website is live for all […]

Adobe Launches New Apps For Mobile

Yesterday, Adobe revealed at their CCNEXT conference the most updates for their services than they ever have. With that have come new updates for all of the creative cloud lineups, and more specifically the release of more mobile apps. To get full use of the newest apps and releases you will however need a Creative […]