Why Responsive Website Design is Important

People are starting to use their mobile devices,including tablets and smartphones, more and more for every day tasks. With more companies having mobile apps, paying bills, organizing your calendar, and checking your email can all be done in the palm of your hand rather than on your lap. Due to the mobility of audiences, it’s more […]

WooCommerce’s Newest Extension

WooCommerce is a helpful WordPress plugin that we’ve used quite frequently for our eCommerce websites we developed. With the extension, we’ve helped customers sell anything from dog food to medical academic conferences. WooCommerce is an amazing platform that has revolutionized online sales and now, with their latest extension, you can now sell time. With their […]

Snapchat Upgrade

Snapchat is more than a photo-sharing application as it was at the start. Just this past week the app added two really big features: real-time text messanging, and live-streaming video. Switching from one application to another when sending messages to your friends or family use to be common place. You’d message with Hangouts or FaceTime, […]

Questions To Ask When Building A Logo Design

A lot of business owners come to Nextfly Web Design to commence a marketing plan for their new company with limited direction. For most small businesses, they know they need two things: a website and a logo. When it comes to logo design, it’s important to consider what you want the logo to reflect about […]

Nextfly Does Gaming

Recently I made a big mistake while on a plane ride to New Orleans. I started talking to the passenger next to me, who happened to be a 5 year old kid. I was sick and tired, but this girl was persistent in her desire for entertainment. We read every Dr. Seuss book she had […]

My Homescreen: An Update

Last year I was looking at an article at my friend’s blog, Schwarz Tech, that profiled an iPhone home screen set up, and I realized that one’s home screen says a lot about them. That statement still proves true today. My iPhone home screen has everything that’s important to me, both professionally and personally. Now…let’s […]

These are NOT April Fools Jokes – But They Should Be

Today’s all about pranking each other with April Fools jokes – Google is quite famous for it. Last year I wrote about some of the April Fools Jokes all over the internet. This year, however, I decided to tell the truth…about things that should be jokes, but aren’t. 1. The battery life in my iPhone. […]

Website Speed DOES Make a Difference

At Nextfly Web Design we have the opportunity to work with companies of many different sizes. Some have existed for a while and some are just getting started in development. For the companies that already have websites online, they often have a web hosting provider that they have selected randomly off the internet. Oftentimes, companies […]