Social Media Myth 1: Be Everywhere!

New social media sites come out all the time. In fact, just this January Twitter launched a new video-sharing mobile application called Vine that has reached 13 million users on the iPhone alone! It is important as a business not to hop on these platforms immediately  but to really take the time to think “will this […]

Breaking Down Social Media Myths

There are a lot of myths out there about social media. This week I am going to spend time breaking down five common myths about social media. They are the following: 1. You have to be on all social networks—they’re basically all the same. 2. It’s okay to have the same content on all of your […]

Launching a Social Media Presence

At Nextfly we work alongside a lot of small businesses to help them establish their online presence. One of the first questions we ask while developing the initial design of a website is is if a client has social media accounts that they’d like to integrate. Often these companies don’t have a presence and, since […]

A Quality Testimonial Page

Every website is used in different ways, but they both have two important tasks that they should accomplish: developing credibility and establishing trust. Within seconds, a visitor of your website makes a quick evaluation of your company due to site quality. A testimonial page a valuable resource for your company, as it is a way to bring […]

The iPhone Home Screen Cleanse

After writing my blog article last week about my iPhone’s home screen, I was met with a lot of criticism from friends. “You have groups on your home screen?!” … “It’s that too much?!” I replied with “Well, I use all of them – leave me alone!” But then I thought about it – do I really use all of […]

My iPhone’s Home Screen

I was looking at an article at my friend’s blog, Schwarz Tech that profiled a friend of his’ iPhone home screen set up and I realized that someone’s home screen says a lot about them. Andy likes to debate me on this – says it’s more of an “anxiety” issue. Regardless, every app I have […]

Gmail New Features

A week or so ago Google rolled out new features to Gmail, it’s email service. The main new feature launched is Gmail’s new compose window. This new feature is supposed to help multitasking professionals by popping up over your Gmail inbox, allowing you to type a message while viewing information from other messages. The new […]

Internet April Fools

On April Fools Day, loads of people around you might try their hand at a prank or two. Maybe it’s your teacher assigning you a “pop quiz” or your sister telling you she found your “birth certificate” that says you are adopted. You think you might be safe looking something up on Google or searching […]