The Day I Unplugged

Last week in my most recent blog post I challenged myself to “unplug for the day” this weekend. The guidelines were clearly defined as the following: 1. Avoid technology. 2. Connect with loved ones. 3. Nurture your health. 4. Get outside. 5. Avoid commerce. 6. Light candles. 7. Drink wine. 8. Eat bread. 9. Find silence. […]

Unplug for a Day

March 1st-2nd was the National Day of Unplugging in the United States. This campaign was launched with the idea that we miss out on important events because we spend hours utilizing our digital devices to Tweet, Facebook and Instagram everything we do. Surprisingly, I missed out on finding out about this event because I obviously […]

Super Bowl Digital Strategies

Growing up I was obsessed with the Super Bowl. Being a Bears fan, you know that this not because my team was a regular attendee of the “Big Game”, but instead I was a huge fan of the commercials. Due to the overwhelming amount of press releases and teaser trailers for the game, I knew […]

Mobile Website Design for Restaurants

Last year the changes in consumer behavior were apparent to all: more people are turning to mobile than ever before. Gone are the says when people sit at their desktop at home to access your website. Today’s consumers are becoming more comfortable and interested in mobile platforms. I mean, even my mom even has an […]

Super Bowl Ad Teasers Leak Online

While the Super Bowl game itself is the real reason sports fans watch the “Big Game”, the commercials aired during the event are a HUGE factor in Super Bowl viewing. With Super Bowl ads being so expensive, advertisers want to stretch the value out of their ad spot. This desire to get the most out […]

Ways to Keep Your Website Lookin’ Good

Developing a website is a lot of work.  You have to think about what purpose the site has for your company, what content you want on it, what you want it to look and feel like, etc. After you get the site up and running – you may think you can sit back and relax, […]

Five Indianapolis-Based Companies Who (Surprisingly) Don’t Have Mobile Sites

Mobile popularity has been underway for a while now. Today’s lifestyle demands constant connectivity, and the number of people who own a cell phone continues to rise. As of 2012, 88% of U.S. adults had one, and over half of those users also utilized their phones to access the internet. It is important to be where […]

2013 Marketing Trends

Content Marketing – Today’s consumers want to learn and are more informed than ever. A majority of consumers often research products that they are interested in buying before they even head to the store to make their purchase. With scheming tactics in ad campaigns, consumers often turn to the internet to find out the truth […]