Next Steps

You may wonder: What happens when my website is done? What do I do with it now? How do I use it? This is in fact one of the most important parts. Once your site is complete, we are not necessarily done… we are just getting started! The next step is to watch the sites […]

Goal Setting 101

To accomplish your goals this year, first, you must know your goals. Goal setting is everywhere around us. Modern society is always encouraging us to think about what’s next and the next milestone. Yet, we don’t think enough about how we will get there. Are you willing to put in the work it takes to […]

5 Reasons Why Your Site Could Be Due for a Redesign

5 Reasons Why Your Site Could Be Due for a Redesign Technology is Changing Lower attention spans and high expectations lead to simpler designed websites to be more productive. While web technology is changing so are we, what we thought of as cutting-edge technology a couple of years ago is probably outdated today. Doing a […]

5 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

While there is no such thing as a perfect website, you want your site to be as clean and crisp as possible to keep customers coming to your site.  There are certain habits people fall into when managing and creating their sites that become a turn-off to users. If you’re falling for these bad habits, […]

6 Reasons Why Your Digital Presence is Important for Your Small Business

Why is a Strong Digital Presence Important for my Small Business? Did you know your online presence could make or break your business? Especially for small businesses.  While small businesses don’t have as many resources or as much time to spend on their online presence it is extremely important. Building your authority online is quite […]

Why Team Building In The Workplace Is Important

Work Hard, Play Hard All work and no play can make your office become dull very fast. Incorporating a network of team building and activities is very beneficial for all employees even their families.  The foundation of a good team is trust. Having trust between your employees/coworkers, people can voice their own opinions and build […]

7 Effective Ways to Market Your Business Online

Social Media Marketing Establishing your brand in our mobilized-generation is extremely important. We all know that social media is great for engaging with current and potential customers and building your brand awareness.  Creating a brand presence on social media starts with creating accounts on many platforms in order to market to the most people in […]

How to Set up the Facebook Customer Chat Plugin

People are using different forms of messaging on a global scale. From iMessanger to Snapchat to WhatsApp, there are so many ways to get in touch with your friends and family, there’s no reason to miss out. Due to the ease of connectivity, your potential clients are going to expect to be able to not […]