Get Festive with your Twitter this Holiday Season

It’s okay. You can admit it: Twitter can get a little boring when it comes to your header. Or, perhaps you didn’t know that you could even switch it up.  Well never fear, festive Twitter headers are here! Everything should be exciting at Christmas, and your Twitter profile can be as well. Our friends over […]

Get Noticed… Sell More!

With attention spans shorting and the expectation of immediate satisfaction growing, how can you capture your audience’s attention for more that 5 seconds? VIDEO! Studies show that people who view video on the web are more likely to stay on your site longer, make a purchase, repost your video on social networking sites, and/or become […]

Top Reasons for Updating Your Website Content

Do you ever have 10 minutes to spare during your day? If so, might I suggest taking some of those minutes to dig into your website… When is the last time you posted anything new? If you still have the same stuff going on, or the same blog on the home page for more than […]

Last Minute Web Design Tips For The Holidays

As the end of the year quickly approaches, holiday shoppers are out in full-force.  Makesure your website is open for business and appealing to the consumers that are looking for your products and/or services.  Simple little changes to your websites appearance can create a nice cozy environment for visitors to feel more at home buying […]

The Importance of “Them” – Online Reviews

There’s really no other way around it, so I’m going to just cut right to the chase. What people are saying about your business online is a pretty big deal. And if you’re not out there listening to the chatter, you could miss something…and it could cost you business. What exactly do you mean, Lindsay? […]

Why Your Web Site Needs Mobile Optimization

First it was websites, and then it was social media. Now we have to do what? I know, we know, you know…you’d think at some point, we’d be up with the technology trend, but honestly, it’s really a game of keep up…and keeping up is what we must do in order to continue to move […]

Content Management Systems = Awesome For You

Don’t lie. You know you want to make your life easier and more efficient in as many avenues as possible. I mean, we’re all busy, right? There is nothing better than going through your day knowing it’s a smooth ride. Well, shouldn’t you feel the same when it comes to managing content for your website? […]

Simple concepts bring successful results in business website design

Ordinary, unfangled theory that makes a lot of sense when it comes to establishing an online business presence: The more you go with simple concepts for your website, the better your results will be. Customers love simplicity. They yearn for simplicity when they’re visiting your website. They look for it and even thrive on it. […]