Are Emojis Changing the Ways we Interact?

New Emojis update June 2018, because are our lives really complete without a cupcake, bagel, toilet paper or ginger emoji. What is an Emoji? A majority of smartphone users have probably seen or used an Emoji, some might have seen one and not even known it was an ‘emoji’. According to  an Emoji is […]

My Favorite Podcasts: True Crime

The radio sucks. There are too many commercials, repetitive music, and boring “DJs” that talk about nothing I’m interested in. I put up for it for years and years of my life and then: boom. I was introduced to podcasts. Now I’m not going to say me adapting to podcast was a natural progression. The […]

5 WordPress Tricks That Help You Be Better At Life

Working at a web design company for so long, I have realized something – working on websites takes a lot of work! It’s something that you constantly have to keep up with. When you’re working on a website from the ground up, it also can take up a lot of time.  Due to this, I’ve […]

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Website Designer

Are you looking for a website design company to build your new business website? If so, it might be hard to find the right group of people to trust with such a vital part of your business so it’s important to ask the right questions from the beginning. I have gathered a list of questions […]

How I Did With My 2017 Resolutions

Last year around this time I wrote a blog called “5 Things I Want to Improve Upon in 2017“. In this blog post I made work-oriented resolutions that I wanted to accomplish throughout the year that included the following: Go through Codecademy again Enhance my knowledge of Google products Build a code database Read more […]

AdWords Basics: Where to Start

First thing you’ll need to know when getting started with AdWords is being able to wrap your head around what exactly AdWords is. AdWords is Google’s advertising network that allows companies to place advertisements on nearly every Google search, search Partner page, Youtube video and Google Partner website. Those advertisements can come in a variety […]

Best Ways to Maintain a Website

Having a website is a great start to allow customers and potential clients to learn more about your company and the products and services that you offer. However, when not properly maintained, it can make or break your users overall impression of your company. We have worked on hundreds of websites at Nextfly Web Design […]

Two Truths and A Lie About WordPress

In the past four years of working at Nextfly, there is one thing that I’ve noticed pretty regularly: When you mention that you work on a Content Management System called WordPress and ask a potential client if they have heard of it, they often say “yes, I have”, but don’t really know that much about […]