How Building a Good Website Is Like Building a House

In December 2012, I took the bold decision to move town to Indianapolis from northwest Indiana to work in an industry that was quite foreign to me, web design. After working at an Indianapolis website design company, NEXTFLY, for 3 years, which is a really stellar job, I decided that I would take a big jump […]

How to Switch Things up at the Office

When you’ve worked for a company for a significant period of time, you start going through the same motions and have the same routine everyday. Your morning might consist of the early rush to the Keurig to make your coffee, then you hop on your computer right away to check your emails, begin replying and […]

I’m Starting a New Business – Now What?

Working at a website design company, we get approached by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Some are companies that have been around for many years and are just now trying to form a digital presence, but others are just getting started and looking for help. Fortunately, this is one of the things I love […]

My Favorite iPhone Keyboards

It’s 2016 and I believe that the traditional iOS keyboard with its plain jane emojis – are already out of date. Even the new ones they haven’t developed yet are. You might think that is a bold statement, but in many cases –  it’s true. Why’s this? iPhone Keyboard Apps!  Now, I’m not going to sit […]

How a Great Website Is Like a Great Cup of Coffee

After more than three years of working at Nextfly, I’ve come to realize that inspiration is often hard to find when writing a blog. I often spend hours researching the perfect blog topic and ask coworkers for ideas. Often, I am stuck wondering “how do I write my blog about something that people will actually […]

How NOT to Train for a Mini Marathon

Let’s start this blog off with this fun fact: I’m not a runner. I do not like it, I think it takes too long, I sweat too much, my bones ache – there’s so many other things I’d rather be doing than running. However, July 2015 my sister was running a mini marathon in the […]

How Pinterest is Taking Over My Life

Years ago I got an invite from a friend to join a new social network called “Pinterest”. I had no clue what it was, nor what the point of it would be, but I knew that I had to jump on it before my friends did so I could be “one of the first”. I […]

How to Use the Internet to Decorate Your Office

A few months ago Nextfly got a brand new office location. (yay!) With that new location I got something I’ve never had before – my own office. Now, I’m not going to lie, my office looked pretty lame at the start. It had a filing cabinet, a stand up desk, a TV and two chairs. […]