Good Websites Need Planning

When you look at a business’ website design, you aren’t meant to see the hard work that was behind it. Websites aren’t meant to look overcomplicated to viewers, they’re meant to look like they were built for them and all the information on there will answer any questions anyone would ever have. However, to anyone […]

5 of the Best WordPress Plugins

We love WordPress. Have we mentioned that recently? It’s a great platform that allows us to build high-functioning websites and gives our clients the ability to own their site. You read that right. At NEXTFLY, we value our clients so much we chose to build our websites on a CMS system that leaves our clients […]

The Battle Between Short and Thin Content

Short Content Vs Thin Content

Short vs Thin Content There’s a lot of discrepancy when it comes to how long content should be. Some people claim your content should be as long as it can, with word counts in the upwards 2,000+. Yikes. Have you tried writing 2,000+ words for a blog post? It’s hard. Your mind wanders, your points […]

7 Reasons to Redesign Your Business Website

Is it time for a new business website? A well-designed website can be one of your most powerful marketing tools, it’s how potential customers find you and learn more about your services, if it’s not working properly or optimized for usability, you may be losing business. But a redesign project can be daunting. It’s a […]

Landing Pages: Everything You Need To Know About Conversion

What is a Landing Page? Let’s start with the basics, a landing page is a page dedicated to earning conversions from a targeted demographic. Visitors are usually directed to a landing page from social media, paid ads, or other pages on a website. There are two types of landing pages, lead generation and click-through. A […]

How to Write Content for People and Robots

Content is king. In 2014, there’s never been a more true statement. When someone comes to your webpage or blog, they’re looking for something in particular, usually a solution to a problem. How long a visitor stays on your website depends on a couple of things. Can they immediately find what they’re looking for? Is […]

New iPhone Features

As we all know, Apple updated it’s iPhone operating system recently to iOS 8. With this update, there have been many new functionalities added as well as new apps that have been developed by the Apple team. One of these apps that Apple put on our phone is called “Tips”. Tips breaks down nine new […]

Web Design Checklist: What to Know Before You Start

So you’ve decided it’s time for a new website, that’s great! No matter if you’re building the site yourself or having a professional, like NEXTFLY, build it for you, you’ll need a plan. To help you develop this plan, we’ve compiled a checklist of information that you’re going to need throughout the development of your […]