How Nextfly Empowers Our Clients

At Nextfly Web Design we really love our clients. We work hard throughout the development of a website to establish good relationships with our clients so that when their website design is complete they are extremely happy. What’s one of the best parts of working with Nextfly? We give you control of your website! How? We […]

Advantages of An Open-Source CMS

Continuing with last week’s blog about how Nextfly empowers our clients with open-source content management systems (CMS), I wanted to break down the difference between open-source vs. propriety content management systems. First off – for those who didn’t read my blog post from last week, I’ll break down a few important terms that I’ll refer […]

7 Ways to Create Shareable Content

With new content being created and shared constantly, it’s more important than ever to take the extra time to make yours stand out. People are bombarded with information, so it’s up to you to create content that not only fits their needs, but is something they want to share with their peers. Specific topics You offer […]

5 Social Media Misconceptions

Everyone’s got something about social media, and to no surprise, sometimes what they’re saying is a little off. Here at NEXTFLY, we talk about social media A LOT. (Sometimes the occasionaly hashtag slips in a conversation, but what can we say? We’re enthusiastic). Through these conversations, we’ve heard a lot of misconceptions about social media, […]

How to Create Brand Consistency and Why it Matters

With so many channels for brand promotion, it’s easy for companies to lose sight and have inconsistent messaging and design, which makes it confusing for potential (and even current) customers. An average user will decide in the first 10 seconds of visiting a page if it’s what they’re looking for or if they’ll hit the […]

Easy-to-Use WordPress Button Generator

We’ve had many clients come to us looking for us to put together button for them and, in the past, went to to design buttons for them. Recently, however, we found a plugin called MaxButtons that is much easier! With MaxButtons – you install the plugin and it automatically shows up on the lefthand side of […]

How to Have your Site Content Indexed Faster by Google

For people posting content to their website whether it’s a new page or blog post, it’s important to have your website crawled by Google to get indexed. What does it mean to have your website “indexed”? Indexing means that your website can be found on Google when people search because it has been placed in […]

Five Quick Tips About Working with Nextfly Web Design

When we first start working with our clients on a website design, there are often a lot of misconceptions they have about our website design process. To clear them up, we’ve put together a list of 5 Quick Tips to prepare clients or even potential clients for working with Nextfly Web Design. 1.  The design process involves […]