Social Media Frequently Asked Questions

With social media dominating most of our off time, it is important to understand how to reach your target market. How many people are on social media? Across the globe, there are over 3.81 billion social media users. That means that almost 50% percent of the world has access to a social media account. That […]

Do I Need Add-ons For Elementor?

Here at Nextfly, there is a running joke that I must own stock in Elementor. I am the biggest advocate for it. While I wish that was true, I most definitely do not. Those that do have the right idea though! They have invested in a WordPress Builder that has HUNDREDS of Free themes available. […]

Building Your Dream “Home”

You could not imagine the number of calls I get where a client or even a potential client says, “I have a website already, but I was hoping you could make it look better.” Very few times this means that they have to two small edits that could take less have 5 hours of work. […]

Nextfly’s Step By Step Design Process

While a lot of the individuals who call into Nextfly already have websites, there is a great number of people that call in that don’t. Many of these people do not know where to start. Even individuals that already have a website may have the wrong expectation of what the steps are and how long […]

How to Use WordPress When You Are Not Tech Savvy

Essential Elements of a Landing Page

Many people that come to Nextfly to look for a website are shocked to hear that we give most all of our clients a 2-hour training once their site is live. There are a few exceptions to this, that is very far and few between. There is a common misconception that you have to have […]

Where to Go For These Errors!

Website Errors

While there are quite a few website errors that you can fix on your own, there are also many that have to be fixed by your web developer or server team. In some instances, your web development team could also be your server team. Therefore, having a reliable team behind you can make all the […]

At Home Website Troubleshooting

Have you ever been in the middle of updating your website and seen an error screaming at you from across the screen? Have you ever directed your client or customer to your site and been embarrassed that your site does not come up? I am sure the first thought running through your head is, “Oh […]

Reasons Why You May Need a Rebrand

It is said that businesses should rebrand every 7 to 10 years to create a brand that people will remember and grow with. Many companies do not see the need for change; therefore, it is harder to make larger internal changes or grow their client base.  There are many reasons why a company should grow […]