New Year, New You. Right?

As the New Year comes and goes, we often reflect on the triumphs and trials of the previous year. In this instance, you may even be thinking about all of the ups and downs of the last decade! We often think about our poor lifestyle choices or how to improve ourselves in the upcoming year. […]

Which eCommerce Platform Is Best For My Business?

Shopping on the internet has been the best thing since sliced bread. You can buy everything you could ever possibly want available to you without leaving the comfort of your couch. If you’re a retailer looking to move your store from the mall to the internet, you might currently be in the process of determining […]

When is the Best Time to Buy Your Technology?

If you are like me, you dread the thought of going on the day after Thanksgiving in a swarm full of people just to get a few cheap items. During this day, many shoppers forget all about common courtesy and respect, and only care about is closing out their Christmas lists. Before you brave the […]

Why is a Good Web Design Important?

I am sure a lot of you are just like me. You were in need of a product or service, so you went to the website to look for more options or details. While you were on the website, you either found that it was WAY too difficult to navigate or little bugs kept causing […]

3 Online Design Tools To Use That Are More Simple Than Photoshop

Creating graphics is an important part of any marketing campaign or website design. They can be used to show off a promotion or present data. However, they aren’t always that easy to make. Especially if you aren’t familiar with the Adobe Suite. Of course, there are really valuable classes that will teach you more about […]

How to Run Social Media B2B While Still Being Cool

B2B, or business to business, social media is really a whole different world. It’s a whole new audience, a whole new set of eyes, and people with all new goals. It can be easy to reach a consumer who is simply on social media for the memes. Reaching another business is a whole different ball […]

Get to know…Devon Williams!

Meet Devon Williams, our Creative Operations Manager here at Nextfly. When we have a problem, need some Dayquil, want a fresh pot of coffee or just have a question, Devon is our girl. Devon has been here for three years (as of today) and has learned a lot about every aspect of the web design […]