2018 Black Friday Tech Deals

Black Friday is just around the corner meaning we only have 32 days until December 25th. Here’s a list of notable tech* deals. Every year I look at Amazon, Newegg, and Walmart for black Friday deals. This year has some great deals. Apple – MacBook Air Best Buy $799 – SAVE $200 By far my favorite […]

5 tips to keep your workspace organized

Work and life can get busy. Appointments add up, deadlines pass and clients and coworkers count on you. Much like a website, your work life needs to have order or you might get lost in the shuffle. Cleaning your office is a simple way to reduce the stress in your life and even relax yourself […]

8 Ways Exercise Boosts Work Productivity

Winter blues starting to catch up with you? Summer sun has gone away, but don’t let that stop you from daily exercise. If you’re one to work out or exercise on a regular basis, you already know just how amazing it is! I’m not just talking about physical health, but it also effects your mood, […]

Do You Enjoy Your Job?

According to CNN, Americans work an average of 34.4 hours a week. This is a little under half of your waking hours in full week; therefore, it is important to create a cohesive work vs home life. Not only is important to have separation, but it is also important to find peace while at your […]

Is Social Media Impacting Your SEO?

Correlation does not imply causation. Does it actually impact SEO? Yes, but not in the ways you would think. While any search engine, such as Google, does not allow signals from social media to directly impact a business’ ranking, there are many ways that engaging on social media will impact your SEO. I’ve outlined a […]


I saw Gutenberg show up in my WordPress dashboard and I decided to give it a shot. Gutenberg is a visual editor plugin created by WordPress to replace the editor we know and love. Gutenberg is also WordPress’ way to compete with Divi Builder or WPBakery. My experience with Gutenberg started off bad and stayed […]

What is Mobile First Indexing?

Similar to the rest of the world of technology, Google is constantly updating its platform and the way they index search engine-optimized sites. It seems almost impossible to keep up with the changes that large platforms (like Google and Facebook) continue to make. One of the largest ways that Google is changing, is by boosting […]

Are You Ready for a Custom Site?

At the beginning of every Web Design project, our dreams of the finished project elicit excitement.  However, we have to be careful of letting that excitement overshadow potential obstacles. The analogy we use often with our business:  “building a website is like building a house.” It is much easier to give you exactly what you […]