Is Your SEO Strategy Ready for the 2018 Changes?

SEO is ever-changing and one of the main items we focus on at our web design company. We perform the research and keep up with the changes that Google advocates.  As 2018 approaches do you have an effective SEO strategy in place? In this blog, you will learn a few key items that will prepare […]

Are You Up To Date With Your Content Marketing Strategy?

At NEXTFLY, we are an Indianapolis Digital Marketing company that develops plans and strategies to increase engagement for our clients. One of the most important strategies that we apply to our own company is Content Marketing. Most people in the SEO world have heard that “Content is King”. This is true, however, “Fresh, Relevant Content” […]

How Important Is Your Logo When Starting Your Business?

When you are starting a business and or have a business that you are considering a rebrand with, how important is your company logo in this process? Logos are an extremely critical part of any business. This is the design element that represents your company and the first thing people see and associate with your […]

Is Your Social Media Presence Pleasing or Annoying to Your Audience?

In my opinion, ever since MySpace came into the world in 2003, I feel as if the way to connect with people drastically changed overnight. I hope this doesn’t date me, but it was one of the first social media platforms that I began using and I loved it. I loved all the features such […]

Why Marketers should Give Generation Z a chance

Many may think that Generation Z has grown up in a different era, which is true, but they have a lot to contribute to the marketing world as well. Being they grow up in a world with nothing but online tactis and social media platforms, they may be a great addition to your company. Digital […]

Are you Showing up on a Google Search?

When you are looking for a local auto mechanic, contractor, web designer, lawyer and or accountant where is the first place you go to online? Well Google, of course! I’m sure many of you have probably said the phrase, “Google it” a time or two in the last few days. In today’s world, with the […]

5 Tips to Keep your Website Fresh

You’ve met with your web designer, picked out a design and layout for your site, found the perfect images to showcase your work and after a few months of collaboration and development, your website goes live. Then you think, wow all of this hard work is completed I can breathe, well yes, to a degree. But […]

Did you Know you Can Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic?

Many of us fill a lot of our free time with countless hours on one of the many social media platforms. Whether you enjoying logging into your Facebook to keep up to date with what your friend’s are doing, jump on Twitter to find the latest world news, log into Instagram to see the latest […]