Advice for Getting Your Next Job

This past week I received emails asking for advice on finding a job in the marketing and branding field. What’s the path I took? Where did I start? How did I separate myself from others? How should I prepare for interviews? I could go on with everything thing I was asked, but I figured I […]

The Best Ways to Use Images on Your Website

More than half of the population of the United States consists of visual learners. We like images that spread throughout a website. It brings your company and the products you offer to life all while making your website look more visually stimulating. However, if your website is crowded with images in a disorganized chaos, you […]

Is Inbound Marketing the key to Quality Customers?

What if I said buying email lists, physical advertising space, and outbound marketing tactics are not as effective as your Facebook page?  The age of buying advertising space and praying that you get a return is turning to the digital age as inbound marketing continues to grow. More companies believe that investing in social content […]

Questions To Ask When Building A Logo Design

A lot of business owners come to Nextfly Web Design to commence a marketing plan for their new company with limited direction. For most small businesses, they know they need two things: a website and a logo. When it comes to logo design, it’s important to consider what you want the logo to reflect about […]

My Homescreen: An Update

Last year I was looking at an article at my friend’s blog, Schwarz Tech, that profiled an iPhone home screen set up, and I realized that one’s home screen says a lot about them. That statement still proves true today. My iPhone home screen has everything that’s important to me, both professionally and personally. Now…let’s […]

Five Things You Are Doing Wrong with Your Website

At Nextfly, the majority of the time we develop websites for a client, train them on how to use the website on their own and send them on their way (getting occasional questions from them after their website launch). Unfortunately, many individuals either forget their training immediately and let their website become old and out of […]

Don’t Ignore Google

There are many businesses out there spend a lot of time focusing on social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest but forget one very powerful social network – Google+. As a business owner you might think to yourself “but nobody is on Google, why should I spend my time focusing on it?” Well, let me […]

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

The other day I was listening to a coworker speak to a client. They were interested in a website redesign, but when it came to making it mobile-friendly, they were hesitant. In their minds, they thought about the added cost before considering the many advantages that a mobile-friendly website brings. Let’s start breaking down some […]