Professional Web Design vs. Amateur

Just the other day I was talking to a friend who was interested in starting a e-commerce website. He didn’t know much about the online part of things, so he came to me for advice. People had mentioned to him the ease of putting together an inexpensive and high-quality design utilizing Wix, Squarespace or Weebly […]

Put the iPhone Down

A few days ago I stumbled upon the Apple ad entitled “Misunderstood”. In this ad, a boy is on his iPhone the whole time during the family’s Christmas party. When they went sledding – he was on his phone. When decorating the tree – he was on his phone. At the end of the advertisement […]

Why Google Authorship is Important!

In a digital world in which anyone can build a website and claim to be a expert – Google is trying to help the great content writers stand out amongst the crowd with Google Authorship. What is Google Authorship? It is a great way to connect your Google+ page to the content you create on […]

5 Ways to Add More Content to your Website

The process of developing a website takes a lot of time. At Nextfly Communications, with the customer’s help, we get websites designed and developed in three months. After these three months, we train you on how to manage your website. This includes adding video, photos, and – most importantly – text. Content creation is one […]

Facebook Takes on Hashtags

Did you notice it, or was it pointed out to you? Wondering what I’m talking about? Hashtags, of course! The infamous Twitter hashtags (#) have now made their way to Facebook! Thank goodness! What does this mean for a Facebook user? Well, one of the biggest advantages of adding hashtags to Facebook is that it provides […]

Launching a Social Media Presence

At Nextfly we work alongside a lot of small businesses to help them establish their online presence. One of the first questions we ask while developing the initial design of a website is is if a client has social media accounts that they’d like to integrate. Often these companies don’t have a presence and, since […]

The iPhone Home Screen Cleanse

After writing my blog article last week about my iPhone’s home screen, I was met with a lot of criticism from friends. “You have groups on your home screen?!” … “It’s that too much?!” I replied with “Well, I use all of them – leave me alone!” But then I thought about it – do I really use all of […]

Gmail New Features

A week or so ago Google rolled out new features to Gmail, it’s email service. The main new feature launched is Gmail’s new compose window. This new feature is supposed to help multitasking professionals by popping up over your Gmail inbox, allowing you to type a message while viewing information from other messages. The new […]