Business website design has become a serious science

Putting your business on the internet can easily become one of the most profitable decisions you ever make. Consider how strong internet marketing was perceived to be in’s article, “Forecasts project online sales of $215B to $335B annually by 2012″: Online retail sales in the U.S. are expected to grow about $20 billion to […]

Website blogs create keyword pages & business credibility

Why get a blog set up at the same time you’re arranging your new web design package? As someone who has both been a paid professional blogger for other websites and also blogged for my own consulting business, I definitely feel the sooner you start that blog, the better. Here at  Nextfly,  our web design […]

Gaining higher search engine ranking for your website with keywords

There are thousands of business websites vying these days for first-page results on Google. Do you know how to make your website one of them? Everybody with a website out there who has a clue about search engine optimization is practically doing linear algebra trying to figure out how to get a high-ranking result on […]