Nextfly is offering a new payment option for your website.

We at Nextfly understand that there are all types of businesses, at all different stages. Some clients have large budgets and some have small. We try to cater to the needs of everyone who needs a website built. We started out building custom designed websites, which were great for established companies or companies with the budget. But we found ourselves having to turn away start ups, non profits, and those who were working on getting established.

We soon developed a starter pack pricing where we would take online templates and mold them into what the client preferred. This option was budget friendly and helped many businesses build an online presence. Now we had a plan for companies with more of a budget and companies with less of a budget. But what about those clients who are working with a budget that is not big enough for a custom site? They do not want the possible issues an online template can cause.

This is when we came out with our third option for a website pay plan. Our Nextfly templates! These were custom built sites that we came up with that had good, safe coding. Since we already built the template, we could resell them to clients that were looking to keep cost down and security up. There we have it! Starter, Middle, and Custom templates for purchase. We were finally appealing to almost everyone, however, we were still losing those budget conscious clients that did not like the idea of a one-time payment for the site.

This brings me to Nextfly’s newest website pricing option. Monthly payments for everything you would need for your website!!! Instead of a one-time lump sum up front or a two-payment system, you can now spread these payments out over a 2-year period. This is now the perfect time to redesign your site again. Most people go years and years without updating their website due to cost, with this plan, you make monthly payments and after two years, you are eligible for a new site.

There are many times that I run into a client that hosts their site elsewhere, their domain name somewhere else and then have another company build their website. While there is nothing wrong with this, if you are not very web savvy, it can be easier to stick to one company for everything. The new option for monthly payments will include hosting as well as 10 hours of post launch support over the two years.

The Custom option is the most desired due to the ability to allow a client to go the custom route without breaking the bank. The custom option allows the following:

Monthly Custom Website Creation

From: $399.00 / month for 24 months and a $750.00 sign-up fee

  • Hosting Provided at 600MB Disk Space (Upgrades Available) – Over $1,000 in Savings
  • Full Training on Content Management System
  • 10 Hours of Post Launch Support 
  • Custom Pages (Optional Add-on)
  • Organic SEO (Optional Add-on)
  • E-Commerce (Optional Add-on)
  • Blog (Optional Add-on)
  • Post Launch Retainer (Optional Add-on)
  • 2 Year Agreement
  • New Redesign Every 24 Months!

If you are looking for a smaller monthly payment, you can also go the template route, which includes:

Monthly Template Website Creation

From: $199.00 / month for 24 months and a $500.00 sign-up fee

  • Hosting Provided at 300MB Disk Space (Upgrades Available) – Over $850 in Savings
  • Full Training on Content Management System
  • 5 Hours of Post Launch Support 
  • Organic SEO (Optional Add-on)
  • E-Commerce (Optional Add-on)
  • Blog (Optional Add-On)
  • Post Launch Retainer (Optional Add-on)
  • 2-Year Agreement!
  • New Redesign Every 24 Months With Optional Upgrade to Custom Design!

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