Over the course of the last few weeks, NEXTFLY has posted two previous blogs on Twitter and Facebook engagement. This week Google+ will conclude our 3 part series. We will examine the features that Google+ has to offer and give tips on better ways to use this awesome social media platform to engage more regularly with your clients and also your staff.

Google+ has so many features that most people are not aware of. It’s like having a smartphone and only using it to make phone calls. Google+ has over 400 million users, but what percentage of them know the advanced features they could be using to engage with others. This platform can also be integrated to your website as well.

Google+ has features such as texting, image and video posts, adding friends to circles, similar to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s examine some of the features that will help you stay connected and engaged with other Google + users.

Adding Circles

google+picWith so many people using Gmail as their main email platform, you are able to connect with many users based on this only. Adding users is just as easy as in Facebook. You can search for a user by email and then click on the circle with the person’s picture on it, it’s that simple. Once you have users to your Google+ account, you can add them into different circles. This is a great feature because you can drag and drop users into public or private circles. If you are working with a team of staff members or clients and want to share your ideas, views, images, etc. you can create a circle and exchange ideas through this feature. It allows you to share all of these items only with the people in your circle.  You can also add circles to manage different interest groups. You can create circles with different keywords, these attracts others with the same interest to join your circle.


Hangouts is a feature on Google+ used to chat online with others. You can send messages, images, videos, emojis, and communicate via video chatting. One of the best features it offers is being able to communicate with up to 10 people at one time. If there is ever a project a team is working on or people outside of the office need to be involved in, you can use hangouts to have your next meeting. This will save time and travel expenses for your company. You can also share google docs with everyone. This saves time on prepping documents for the meeting and everyone can view these beforehand as well.


Google+ Ripples is a feature that allows you to see who has been re-sharing your posts. On the upper right corner of your post there is an icon with a dropdown menu, click on Ripples. This icon has a diagram that will show you who has shared your post. This will also show if they have left any comments with the post. This is a great feature, because you can then start engaging more with the people who are sharing your posts. If you are looking to grow your audience, view a person who has a large circle, click on one of their posts and see what content this person is sharing. When you look at the ripples of this content you will be able to see what content is performing the best. Entail you can start posting similar or more relevant posts to share to reach a larger audience.

Unlimited Space

Starting your Google+ page is like having a blank canvas, but on this canvas you can add as much content as you would like. You have endless space to post and add images to your Google + unlike other social media platforms. There is no size limit to articles you post, which is a great benefit because no content will be lost.

Leaving Comments

Engaging with others is similar to how you connect on Facebook or Twitter. Thank others for adding you to their circles or vice versa. Leave comments on peoples posts, videos and images. This shows interest on your end and will start a connection between you and the person you commented on. Always comment back if someone comments on one of your posts. Any interaction will grow your circles or your relationships.

Local Feature

Local pages rank higher in googles search engines, therefore by adding information to your Google+ business account such as maps, driving directions and hours of operation people can find your business quicker. When they are searching for your business, they want the information instantly. Make sure to keep your Google+ account up to date and fill in the about category with all of this information so people can locate your business efficiently.


By adding Hashtags # to your post, they will show up when people are searching the key words that you use. Try and use 2 to 3 hashtags per post. (Examples #Website, #Design, #Indianapolis)

Social media is an inexpensive, easy way to let others be aware of your company. The key is to maintain and engage on all of your social media platforms. We hope these tips will help you become more connected and grow your business.