Welcome to 2016!! I hope everyone had an awesome year in 2015 and will continue to do so this year.

Each year I try to do new things and challenge myself, so in a sense this is having a new years resolution. I know many of us like to start the new year out different then the year before or want to learn ways to improve ourselves so we can have one of the best years yet.

Since we have a diverse audience at NEXTFLY, I wanted to focus on new years resolutions for all ages, not just a specific target. This way if you are reading this blog, you can browse through the ideas in your age demographic.

There are so many great resolutions that you can perform, but here are a few simple ones to get your brain ticking:

20 -Somethings
  • Before you status update, think to yourself, “Is this something I truly need to share with all the people on my social media platforms?” Often times we get wrapped up in the heat of the moment of a post, but later wish we could delete or take it back. So pause before you tweet.
  • Instead of texting to communicate, make an effort to make phone calls once or twice a week. Without aging myself, I remember the days when people would call to make plans, instead of texting, which can take a lot longer for certain situations. But you may be surprised, people still like to hear your voice every now and  again.
  • When you are trying to remember a fact from the past, try and think about it for a minute, instead of instantly asking Google for the answer. I know this is a great way to find facts quickly, but sometimes our brains can use a little stimulation every once in awhile.
  • Instead of trying fad diets, begin an exercise program that consists of eating healthy and working out. They say what you put in your body in your 20’s, can effect you in your 30’s and so on. Take it one step farther and try cooking a few meals. There are numerous recipes on Pinterest that you can refer to.
30 -Somethings
  • Now that we are in our 30’s and cook more, why not try a new food/meal once a week. There are so many foods that many of us haven’t even heard of. This will give our tastes buds a change up and you may also realize there are foods out there that you never tried, but really like. Rutabagas, tomatillos, garbanzo beans, golden berries, kefir, acai berries and boursin cheese are just a few examples. Also, try a food that you didn’t like in your 20’s you may find out that your taste buds changed and you do like this food now.
  • Take a break from technology and communicate face-to-face. Whether it means, no cell phone at the dinner table or on dates, set aside at least an hour a day that your mobile devices are not at your fingertips.
  • Put money aside, in a savings account or in a retirement fund. Sometimes it’s hard to think of your future in your 20’s and you may still be paying on those wonderful college loans, but in our 30’s we need to try and plan ahead. Have a certain amount of your pay check deposited into a savings and retirement fund each month. After a month or so, you won’t even notice the difference.
  • Learn something new this year, now that college is over for some, why not take a course for fun? Whether it is a ceramic class or new workout class. Try to learn something that you enjoy or have always been curious about.
  • De-Clutter a room/rooms in your home. Over the years many areas of your home may have possessions that are not needed anymore. Is there an office where the desk has piles of paperwork? Are there 5 spatulas, 3 coffee makers, countless glasses just taking up space in your kitchen? If you focus on one room a month, this is a relatively simple task.
  • Communicate with your loved ones. Although this should be a resolution for all ages, it is important to keep an open line of communication as we get older. Maybe your kids are getting a little bit older or you’ve been married for numerous years. Set aside at least 30 minutes a day to listen and engage with them. These minutes are priceless.
  • Exercise at least 3 – 4 times a week. Even if this is for 30 minutes only. It’s important to keep our bones and minds healthy.
  • Make time for yourself. I think as we get older, we lose sight of who we are and become immune to the redundant day in and day out routine. Set aside 30 minutes a day to read, write, watch a TV show, mediate, workout or whatever it is you choose to do. These moments are imperative to your overall health.
  • Keep track of the foods you are eating. Sometimes we are creatures of habit and do not pay attention to what we are eating and how it can effect our health. Keeping a food journal may eliminate some aches and pains that you are experiencing.
  • Say yes to invites. For some people, the older you get the busier or less social you get. Of course, this isn’t by choice, but you may have a spouse or kids that take up a lot of your time. So start saying yes to at least 2 invites you receive a month.
  • Take a lesson on something that interests you. Whether it is golf or a dance lesson. Do something fun you can enjoy with your spare time.
  • Buy something you need/want. Have you always wanted something, but always put it off because the funds weren’t available or the kids may need something first? Well, now its your time to buy something you’ve needed for yourself.
  • Create a bucket list and plan a few each items on the list each year to obtain. Have you always wanted to travel to an exotic place, skydive or travel the country in an RV? Whatever it is, plan it and enjoy it!
  • Schedule all the proper health screenings. It is important to have your yearly exams to maintain your health. Start them at the beginning of the year, this way you have them taken care of and you can relax the rest of the year doing things you enjoy.
  • Perform crosswords, puzzles, soduko or read. All of these can help keep your memory sharp, be a stress reducer and improve concentration.
  • Turn social events into health and fitness ones. It’s great to spend time with loved ones or friends, but these often include sitting for long periods at a lunch or dinner. Why not meet them at a park, take a walk and engage in not only socializing, but also fitness at the same time.
All Ages

Put yourself aside and start thinking of others. How can you help a friend, family member, or even an organization. Volunteer to help out. Whether it’s helping a friend move or donating time in your day to serve the homeless. There are plenty of people that are in need of help and you really could help out more than you know.

Whatever age you may be, our hope is that some of the ideas will help you get on the right track to a great 2016. Setting just one new goal can make a world of difference emotionally and physically.

Good luck!!