It’s that time of year when Christmas songs are playing, we have snow on the ground, and everyone is excited to visit with family! Well…not everyone, but most! 🙂 How nice would it be to be a business owner, bringing in money, while being out of the office? You can do just that with the right marketing. You may think it is a bit late at this point and you would not be entirely wrong. For the best results, I would have had a plan in place for the beginning of December to run all month long.

From product and service discounts to simply just adding more ads online. This is the busiest shopping month of the year and people buy things from socks to vehicles and everything in-between. Competing in this arena is not as difficult as you may think. If you have been working on keeping your online image strong throughout the year, you should already have a robust site with lots of optimized content.

Content is the foundation of SEO and all online marketing. You should already have Pixel Marketing set up for retargeting. The last thing you should already have completed is a strong Google Local account. If you have all of these completed, now we just need to gear everything for the holidays and get your ads going. Below are some simple things you can do, even this late in the month, to be festive and fun while focusing on marketing.

Website Banner – Most of the time your website banner is easy to swap out. Why not make one to be festive and fun. This is the first thing viewers see and it is nice to show your viewers that you are festive, it brightens up the mood, and can even make the viewer more comfortable with your site and your business.

Google Adwords – This is a great time to spend money on Google Adwords. Whether you are already ranking locally and with organic SEO, it never hurts to run ads that give you yet another spot on that first page of Google search results. At Nextfly, we call this the trifecta. On the first page of a search, the goal is to have your Google Ad, your Google Local, and then your organic SEO.

Google Product Ads – If you have an e-commerce site, I would set up some Google Product Ads to promote your products. If you are unfamiliar with these, if you Google search a product, you will see on the right side of the search, a bunch of images and products of what you are looking for. These are Pay Per Click Ads for products. If you have a very competitive price, these are nice to have added for the month of December.

If you have not set these up, do not worry! Many people are last-minute shoppers and may still be searching. If you are like me, you have many family Christmases that go on even after the Holidays. You may even want to have your ads ready to change from Christmas/Hanukah/Any other holiday you may celebrate to New Years!