NEXFLY introduced a 3 part series previously that will give you tips on how to be more engaged in your social media platforms. The last blog in this series was related to your Twitter account, this week we will focus on Facebook.

likeMost companies currently have a Facebook page for their business. Although you have a Facebook page, are you active enough on it to connect with the right people to promote your business? Here are some tips to increase the traffic to your page, engage with your clients and receive more followers.

Follow the “Rule of Thirds” on your Facebook page. 1/3 of your content should be split among the following:

  • Promote yourself and your business
  • Engage and build relationships with your audience
  • Promote outside resources and information

Check out these tips on ways to drive traffic to your page:

Update your cover photo

When people locate your Facebook page you want them to know what your company does in 3 seconds. Your cover photo should have your logo placed on it and also show the type of work that you perform. This will attract your target audience and also engage with others that may be aware of the services that you do.

All cover images are public, so keep in mind this may be the first thought they have of your company. Use a high resolution photo or Facebook will distort your image to the correct size if it is not large enough. A blurry image is not the first impression you want to give off to clients. It is also suggested to have a cover photo that correlates to the seasons, holidays or events that promote your branding.

Add Images, not Links

Pictures draw viewers to your post, a link gets lost in the feed and may not ever be viewed. Once they see the picture, they become more interested in reading the article. We all browse through peoples photos once we see one that catches our eye. This is the same when you post a blog on your page. Once you grab their attention with that photo, they may continue to browse through the rest of your photos, which entail may make them stumble upon other blogs, etc.

When you add a link to a photo, the link stays around indefinitely. A link slowly fades as the newsfeed grows with other peoples photos, posts, etc. These images will be there until you delete them, so as your fans grow, the old links to these images will still continually be viewed since they are in your photo albums, not only on your newsfeed. You can also edit the content attached to the photo.

Share others blog content

peopleSocial media is all about sharing other peoples content to expand your fan base. Share content from others in your field, your fans and any relevant material that relates to your industry. While it may seem counterintuitive, sharing other people’s content, it is actually a brilliant strategy in driving more traffic to your blog site. This will show the willingness that your company is willing to share and promote to other businesses and gain trust from them as well. Your clients will be more willing to share your blogs, etc and thus will drive traffic to your page. Mentioning others in your posts and blogs will also continue to build relationships. (@NEXTFLY) Thanking someone for liking or sharing your page is also a great way to start a relationship and continue to build relationships that you currently have.

Keep your update short

Keep in mind when you’re browsing through your newsfeed, how many times you pass by a post because it’s just too long to read at that moment. This is also true, when writing posts to catch your viewers eyes. Keep it funny, short and enticing. Use 140 characters or less. Keep this intriguing, so the viewer wants to learn more.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is a great way to stay engaged with other people and other companies. By asking a simple question, this naturally invokes a response. This generates conversation, which could potentially draw in new clients. Keep these questions short and related to the topic. Generate questions that will push people to click through links, start sharing to other peoples pages and add comments. All of these features will increase people to come to your page if they are posted elsewhere or seeing other people comment on something of yours.

All of these tips should improve your Facebook networking engagement. It’s now time to update your cover photo, make the edits to your page content, and start promoting others, so they can promote you!