Social Media simply put it is the game changer for your business if it is done correctly! Nearly 90% of all market researchers say that if nothing else that your business will gain exposure which can lead to some type of sale or lead generation for your company. Why wouldn’t you want to get involved with lead outreach that is free, like social media?

  • Increased exposure & web traffic
  • Develop returning clients
  • Grow business partners
  • Increase in sales dollars
  • Generate a lead base
  • Improve your search ranking
  • Insite to client base demographics
  • Provided marketplace insight

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin are the most well known social media handles for business owners and personal use alike. Each social media platform has over 2 billion active users; yes that’s billion with a B! Being able to reach out to your specific clientele and demographics with these tools is incredibly powerful. And these platforms are free to all users as well.

There are other mediums on the rise as well like Snapchat, which is known best for it’s disappearing media. Pinterest, is also gaining popularity in the social media field primarily for it’s “Do It Yourself”shops. In these shops you can buy everyday people like you or me.  All of these social media platforms again are free to use and the vast majority of people you will market to has an account with at least one of them. 

So what about integration?

Social media is not where it all ends, you can integrate it to your website in a meaningful and impactful way. This creates an avenue where your loyal customers can follow you and interact with you on a daily basis. This is huge for anyone looking to create lifelong clients who look to grow with you as you grow your business! As always sharing is caring, which may sound a little cliche, but it’s the easiest way to get your clients to share your content to their friends and family. This is easiest by simply clicking a share button from your website and it auto populating their social media page for easy sharing. But who doesn’t want to save money on their marketing budget by simply using all platforms of social media, which are once again free!

Proven Results

  • Gain Trust & Credibility
  • Cut Costs
  • Save Time
  • Direct Contact With Your Customers
  • Brand Awareness

When you write your blogs and create video content for your website or YouTube why not also boost it on your social media feeds as well. This way you can get direct feedback from your customers and followers. You can also view how many impressions you are connecting to with your media! This will directly tell you if your marketing strategy needs tweaked or changed around a little bit. Here at Nextfly Web Design we have a team dedicated to getting your social media the views, followers and shares that you are looking to reach. 

People love and want to do business with organizations and people who understand what their needs and wants are. With the boom of social media getting that direct contact and feedback has never been easier. Social media marketing will build the brand credibility you need so that people can start viewing your social media platforms. Social media is a good way to demonstrate how your products or services can make a difference in their lives!

Let’s get started today!