Are you hosting your website with a safe company on a secure server? Many people will go out and spend thousands of dollars on a top notch website only to host it with a second hand hosting company. You can purchase hosting packages as low as $5 a month and as high as a couple hundred dollars a month, depending on the size of your site and traffic. Hosting is not a place so skimp on cost. It is the lifeline that keeps your website running online. Without it, you have no beautiful website to show online.

Reasons to host with a reliable, secure company


Cyber attacks are a constant thing here in the United States and you need to be as protected as you can be. To check out just how many attacks are happening in real time, you can visit sites like and It is very interesting, yet very alarming! Security is the number 1 importance when dealing with a website. As stated above, you can build the best website in the world but if it is accessible to hackers and bots, it won’t last long. Protect your investment! Spend the extra money on a company that keeps backups handy, takes extra security measures and knows what they are doing. It is worth the cost! Nothing online is 100% safe. If the hosting company keeps a weekly back up of your site and you get hacked to the point of your site being severely compromised, they can revert your site back to the previous week and get you up and running again.


We have all been to a site before where an image takes forever to load, a page only loads half way or sometimes does not load at all. It can trigger my frustration with dial up, back in the day. If you are a business with competition, you can not afford a slow site that has trouble loading. People do not have the attention span anymore and will go on to the next company. These issues can sometimes be caused by images that are too big for the site but 9 times out of 10, it is caused by a malfunctioning or overloaded server. A lot of companies(not all) that charge very little for hosting have to make their money back by putting as many sites on a server as possible.


Some companies will build maintenance in to the cost of their hosting packages. This could include site updates, site edits and/or even development changes to the site. There is something to be said for that when comparing prices.

Bottom line…hosting is just as important as your site. Make sure you do your research and host your site with a company that fits your needs, not just your wallet! You may end up paying for it in the long run. I have had more than one business come to me where they had hosted their site with a company and got hacked, the company did not keep backups and they had to start from scratch. Do not let that be you!