I believe I have written about this in the past but it has been a very long time and I want to revisit best practices when investing in your online presence. This can never be talked about too much. Hang in there with me and if you have heard this all before, feel free to skip to the options you are interested in hearing more about.

Professional Website – First thing is first, in the world of the internet, having a hub to send all traffic is step one for setting up an online presence. Everyone who owns a business has or should have a website to show credibility, professionalism, and showcase your services/offerings/etc. The goal of your online presence should be to get viewers to your website and get them to want to reach out to you for business.

Google My Business – You need to get Google to recognize that you are a legitimate business. After establishing a website, you need to register your business with Google through “Google My Business”. This is an easy setup that walks you through explaining your business to Google. Something to note when setting this up: you want to make sure that your business info and address are the EXACT SAME everywhere on the internet. Example: Our address is 9860 Westpoint Dr. Suite 700, the goal is to have this exact on anything you sign up for or use on the internet. You would not want to change Suite to Ste. and we would want to keep Dr. as opposed to spelling out Drive. This simple step will ensure that Google does not get confused with your address and drives relevancy. The more address citations you have that are an exact match, the more likely you will show up in the maps section that is directly above the organic search results when a user does a search for a specific geographic location.

Marketing Your Site – There are many ways to guide viewers to your site. You have to find the avenues that work best for you and your target audience. Some marketing options work better than others for certain audiences.

Social Media Marketing – You can set up social media accounts for free to advertise your business and gain followers. Who doesn’t like free? Once you have set up your accounts, just make sure you are making posts and putting out content. You can also boost your posts and run ads through social media streams.

PPC or Adwords – Setting up a Google Adwords account is fairly easy and they give you tools to be able to search keywords where you can put a budget towards and instantly show up when someone searches those terms. You can set up your daily budget, keywords you want to show up for, your demographics, time of day, etc.

Onsite and Organic SEO – Getting your site ranking organically for keywords and phrases is one of the most important things you can do. This is done by adding content to your site and using these keywords throughout your content. There is much more to this so it is best to work with your marketing company for best practices.

Doing all of the above will give you the best chance to run a successful online campaign to get your business out there on the web. Just having a website is not enough in today’s world. You need to do all you can to make the most of your online investment. Again, I know a lot of this is redundant, but some of it may be new to you and hopefully, it can help someone make the best of their online presence.