We know you don’t have time to find all these apps on your own, we have decided to create a series called NEXTFLY’s Favorite Apps to do the work for you. The goal is to highlight helpful and productive apps, although knowing this group, we will feature some fun ones too! Our focus will predominately be on the iPhone, however most of these apps are cross platform and non-iPhone users will find them helpful as well.

Kicking it off, Andy Heiser, NEXTFLY’s Business Development Manager, has written an interesting review on an app that solves several issues with mobile email and working on the go. What is most shocking is that the app developer responsible for this app comes from Microsoft, a camp that Andy just flat out doesn’t like!

Outlook Mail 

Naturally I am anti Microsoft, as I am an Apple guy to the core (see what I did there). BUT, the new Outlook app solves some serious issues that I have encountered with the native mail app on iPhone.

Sending documents via email

  • Sending an attachment from your device that you have received in your email without forwarding the original message. This is a huge obstacle for people who share documents on the go.

For example, I receive a pdf of a logo design from my team while outside of the office. This is typically a replied message, which has the entire conversation thread; it wouldn’t be professional to simply forward the message on. Therefore, in the native mail app, I have to forward the message, change the subject, and delete all of the content from the thread, which now leaves just the PDF. This as you can relate, is a lot of work. In Outlook, simply select the file from the email, select attach, and a new message will open including the attachment. Oh yeah, this then syncs to your Dropbox, and/or Google Drive, and now ALL of your files can easily be sent via your Outlook mail app.

 Calendar Accessibility Email

  • One of the most tedious parts of working from your iPhone is switching from app to app to complete your work.

A classic example of this would be responding to an email that requires you to reference your calendar. You have to close the mail app, open the calendar app, search your availability, then reopen the mail app. Not to mention now REMEMBER your availability and add it to your response. WHO HAS THE TIME!??

With Outlook, your calendar is located within the app itself. When composing an email, a calendar option appears, that allows you to either send your availability or create an event. (I also use this to simply reference my calendar while composing a message.)

Quick Search


  • Using the native mail app to search

Although I bring this up last, this is probably my favorite part of the Outlook app. When on the go, I often have to reference archived, read, sent and even deleted emails to perform my job. With the native mail app, searching takes SO MUCH time and often does not yield the information that I am looking for. It is painful at times. However, Outlook’s search functionality is super fast and extremely accurate. I have tried to fake this thing out, and it hasn’t missed a beat yet.