About the Project:

A Do approached Nextfly out of frustration with their current website. Links didn’t work, buttons didn’t click, and they weren’t portraying the image they’d like to their current and potential clients. Due to this this, Nextfly gave them a fresh look that was easy to navigate and book appointments on and, with A Do’s amazing imagery, their website brought was welcomed with open arms – and a book full of new appointments!

Site Features:

  • Content Management System
  • Website Redesign
  • Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Website traffic from mobile devices on the rise, so a clean and easily navigable site for mobile devices was a must for A Do’s new design. Consumers want information at their convenience and in their fingertips. Viewers that have a difficult time navigating your site from their phone or tablet will be quick to go elsewhere for products or services from another business. Having a mobile optimized website allows words and images to be scaled down to the size that best fits their specific device.

Content Management System

We knew that A Do would not have the time to learn coding to keep their website up-to-date. With the addition of a NEXTFLY content management system, A Do can now easily update their content, make new blog posts, post photos and more! Not only does their content management system look good, but it makes their life easier on updating their clients with new information.