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Spohn Associates

About the Project:

Spohn Associates has been a client of NEXTFLY, since 2012. As an Architectural Product and Installation company, they decided that it was time for a brand new site with fresh esthetics, to highlight their recent works. Here, at NEXTFLY, we created an image-heavy, custom site with an interactive project map and project gallery. Both of these functions help Spohn share their recent projects with all of their visitors. With the addition of On-Site SEO, our goal was to help create a more accessible and user-friendly site.

Site Features:

  • Content Management System
  • Custom Site
  • Mobile Site Design

Responsive Design

Spohn Associates decided that it was important to have a responsive design for their website in order to retain as many visitors as possible. A responsive design is a website that adapts to any size screen on mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones. Their content-heavy pages were just as important on mobile as on desktop and to help detect all viewers. To learn more information about mobile responsive design click here.