About the Project:

Urban Styles needed a unique one-of-a-kind website that could showcase their stores personality. Using product photography, modern styling, and a custom photo gallery enabled us to closely mirror the experience you get when you walk through their stores. Since their first store opened in 1993, Urban Styles has evolved from a discount chain to a premier quality home furnishing provider in Central Indiana. Today, they have five locations serving the Indianapolis area with their unique and local stores that will allow you to “come in and get lost” while you look for that perfect piece. With over 500 vendors and a keen eye for design you’re sure to find everything you need for your home.

Site Features:

  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Custom Website Design

Responsive Design

With the popularity and convenience of technology on the go, having a mobile friendly site is imperative. Many people do not even use a computer when they are browsing companies anymore. Do not miss out on clients by living in the past, check out our responsive design services click here.

Custom Website Design