NEXFLY would like to introduce a 3 part series that will give you many tips on how to be more engaged on your social media platforms. Proactive social media engagement goes a long way. It is a great way to stay connected with followers, while promoting your business.

This week we will focus on your Twitter account. In the upcoming weeks we will have tips for Facebook and Google Plus, so stay posted. These simple tips will not only help you attract new followers, but will also assist in ways to have continual engagement with your clients.

Check out these tips on how to reach your followers and potential new ones via Twitter:

Use short URL’s

Twitter allows only 140 characters so it’s important to try and use shorter URL’s. You can use Google Shortener or Bitly for help shortening the URLs you post.

Limit your characters
Limit your tweets to between 70 and 100 characters. Shorter tweets allows people to add comments to your post and potentially retweet them.

Continue tweeting
If you’ve posted a blog recently, continue to tweet about the blog you published. The blogs on twitter contain “ever green content” which basically means they contain content that is always of interest to the readers. It is ok to retweet a post, but do not tweet the same post more then once a day. Depending on the time of post, you will be catching different readers attention. If you post the first tweet in the morning, try retweeting in the afternoon or evening the following day. You will reach a different audience.

Have one message, not two in a row
Many of your followers receive numerous messages an hour. Therefore, your tweet may be broken into two messages in between other people’s tweets. This will not convey the message you want to send to your readers, therefore shorten this to one message at a time.

Expand your followers
Start to follow people of the same target audience as yours. Follow people who have similar services as you do. The more people you follow, the more exposure you have in return. Also, on average 30-40% of people you follow, tend to follow you back.

Use images
Add an image to your tweet. Pictures are worth a thousand words and grab the attention of the viewer.

Mention others in your tweets
If a tweet you post has relevance to another one of your followers, mention them in the tweet. i.e.: @NEXTFLY. People may retweet this on their end or one of their followers may.  

Use #Hashtags
This helps non-followers find your tweets. Some people follow a certain #hashtag topic. If you add a # to your blog, your information will be exposed to more people. i.e.: #websites, #design, #technology

Stay engaged with others
Once your tweet is online, see who retweets or starts to follow you. Not only say “Thank you for sharing” or “Thank you for following”, but also follow them back. You can also, share some of their tweets.

One final way to continue your engagement on Twitter, is with a new feature they recently added.

Sharing direct messages to a group
You can now send direct messages to a group of up to 20 people. This feature allows you to communicate with coworkers or followers who you want to tweet relevant news to. This could in return have a number of retweets as well. You can also include a short message with this, such as “Please share this with your followers”. Here are the steps to perform this new feature:

  • Click on the tweet you would like to retweet
  • Click on the dots below the tweet
  • Click share via direct message
  • Add the names of the people you will like to send the tweet to

This feature can also help promote an event or workshop you have coming up. Normally you would ask your followers to tweet about it. Now you can send a group tweet to promote it yourself.

All of these tips should improve your twitter networking engagement. Now go out there and start tweeting away.