In my opinion, every since MySpace came into the world in 2003, I feel as if the way to connect with people drastically changed overnight. I hope this doesn’t date myself, but it was one of the first social media platforms that I began using and I loved it. I loved all the features such as connecting with old friends, sharing photos on your page, updating your playlist and the best part for me was having easy access to new music. 

As time has gone on, social media has really become a huge venture for businesses throughout the world. People are using this way to advertise more often than posting flyers or sending flyers or marketing pieces in the mail. 

Although these have become extremely popular ways to promote your company and business, are you sending out positive posts that are pleasing to viewers or are your posts annoying them?

Let’s take a brief look and some simple things you can do to create a positive presence and some don’ts that could potentially annoy clients.


Show an Online Presence.

Many people go to your website and social media platforms before they contact your or call your business.  Is it crickets when they hit your page? There should be some activity on your page, even if it’s just a few posts a week. If people do not see anything at all, they may wonder are you still in business? 

Show Personality. Share exciting things going on within you company. If you have hired a new employee, share this with people with a small blurb about the new hire. Having a company party, event or luncheon? Post it, people love images and they also love seeing personalities within the company. Post about any major events such as employees birthdays, weddings, birth of a child, etc. This shows you care about your employees and the important events in their lives and it shows everyone has things going on besides the 9 to 5.

Be Consistent. If you have more than one social media account, share the same message across all of them on the same day. If people go to 3 different platforms and they have 3 different posts on the same day, this could cause confusion.

Know the Popular Times to Post. Pay attention to the times that most people are interacting with your posts. You can research the times and days that are most popular to post online as well, but you should also do an experiment to see when your audience is most active with you. It probably isn’t a great idea to have posts at 11:00 p.m. if you are looking for engagement. 

Get to Know Your Clients. You should post about things that your audience wants to view, not just your own interests. Whether it is a sale, promotion, change in your business, blogs, new products, or even something trending in the news, these posts should be tailored to them.

Share. This is a life lesson from the time we were children. It is great to share other posts on your page and across social media platforms.

Be Engaging. If people comment on your posts or shoot you messages via social media, get back to them in a timely fashion. This is yet another means of providing outstanding customer service.


Do Not Disappear. This goes with one of the Do’s above. Do not be ghostlike and stop posting on your account once you go active. This creates a sense that you either do not exist to viewers and they may wonder what happened to your company or that you do not care about these outlets anymore. To see success, you must update these accounts frequently.

Don’t Over Post. If you have a social media account, you know the things that annoy you about your friends or businesses that you follow. Do not overshare on any platform. If you shared 5 times a day, this could be annoying to your viewers and they may stop following you. 

Don’t Spam People . Do not continually share the same things over and over again. No one wants to see the same post 6 times in one week. Don’t become that guy! 

Don’t Just Have One Platform. There are so many ways to connect with people these days. Do not limit yourself to one platform. Some people only have Facebook, others only have Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is best to set up accounts across the board to reach even more people.

Don’t Leave Room For Hackers. Once something is posted, it can be online forever. Although you can delete this post, people may not know who posted the original item. Keep your passwords secure and do not share them with just anybody.

Don’t Leave Your Clients Hanging. As stated above, if someone shares a post, comments on your post, leaves a review or shoots you a message, do not take days to reply. People like to be heard and noticed, shoot them a message as quickly as you can.

Don’t Just Share Text. People do not like to read long posts and also posts with just text. Keep the old saying “a picture can speak a thousand words” in mind when posting. And do not be to wordy, you may loose people after a sentence or two.

With the ever-changing world of technology and the competitive world we live in, try and put these simple tips to use to create a positive online presence. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about how we can increase your social media presence, contact us today. We would be glad to help.