Summer is right around the corner. Kids are getting out of school, graduation is coming up and the

temperatures are rising. Being a company based out of Indianapolis, we know what cabin fever feels like. The first day it hits 60 degrees we can’t wait to be outside. However, then you hop on social media and see the photos of all your friends on the beach while you are sitting in your office chair. Suddenly, the warm weather doesn’t seem all that amazing anymore.

It can be hard to stay productive when you know warmth, water, and sunshine are waiting for you outside. So, what do you do when you see everyone outside having fun from inside your dreary office window?

Here are three tips on staying productive at work when the weather is amazing

Step Away From the Screen

We cannot stress the importance of stepping away from your screen enough. Take a 15 minute break and catch some vitamin D! As it turns out, nature and sunshine are actually proven to boost your mood at work. No one says a 9 – 5 means you can’t enjoy the warm summer days too!

Walks can be great for bonding and even burning off those extra calories from lunch. The break will make you more productive in the long run even if you feel like you don’t have a second to spare away from your desk. Plus, it will give your eyes a break from straining on computer screens.

Work Now Play Later

Schedule some time to hang out after work. Maybe its going on a walk with your dog when you get home or sitting on a patio enjoying dinner with your co-workers. Either way, give yourself something to look forward to when the work day ends. That way, when you see the sunshine outside, you know you get to enjoy it later.

If you live anywhere near Indiana, you know Daylight Saving Time. Days are getting longer and the sun is staying up later and later. Take advantage of that once you get home! No one says you have to go home and sit inside some more. Skip a Netflix binge every now and then and spend sometime outdoors. Enjoy these long days!

Wake Up and Enjoy Your Morning

Not only can you enjoy the sun after work, but you can also enjoy it before work. It may seem like insanity to wake up two hours earlier than you need to, but you may find this is your most productive time of day. No one is emailing you, no one is calling and no kids are asking for help.

The early hours of the morning can be a great time to enjoy the birds outside, do some yoga or even go to the gym. That way, when you see the sun outside, you know you already got a head start on taking advantage of the warm weather for the day.

What do you and your co-workers do to stay productive when everyone else seems to be on the beach? Drop us a comment, we will take all the advice we can get!