Google rankings and blogging go hand in hand, and in this post I am going to give some tips that can increase your websites visibility via your blog. 


Writing a good SEO friendly blog is just like any other form of writing, it takes time and structure. So lets take a dive into my structure and blog tips.

Stop for a quick second and lets think about relevancy. Is the topic you are about to write about relevant to the other content on your website? If your goal is to keep your reader interested you have have some structure and relevancy to your other content. This is because they are not going to browse the rest of your website if nothing matches what you are talking about! Also, if people have a hard time following your writing structure or if you do not make clear easy to follow headings and subheadings then they are far less likely to continue to read your blog. If something is easy to follow, your reader may be inclined to share or comment on your posts gaining you more web traffic and relevancy.

Brush Up On Your SEO Blog Writing

If you maximize your writing skills, it will only help you increase your Google rankings, through well writing content and easy to follow writing structure. 

At times, writing to focus on SEO and writing to attract or captivate your audience can seam like two very different goals; however, the more you write and the more you plan out your blogs structure the easier it becomes. The more content and the more blogs that are relevant to your business or website the more google views your domain authoritative. So that brings us to the next topic.

Keywords for your blog SEO 

The frequency and amount of keywords you put on your page matter. If you are stuffing your keywords to often or slamming the page with too many different keywords, your content can become confusing to Google. Thats why relevancy to the topic and using your keywords properly make the world of difference and directly relates to the readability of your text.

If you go back and read the “blog SEO” keywords you would notice I have mentioned this keywords a handful of times to a point where it makes sense within the text and titles of this post. You should aim to do the same with your keywords. 

We’re sharing 5 essential tips for creating SEO-friendly blog posts without sacrificing user experience and engagement, tips you can start using today: 

Five Pro Tips for blog SEO  posts

  1. Use keywords throughout your posts in a natural way
  2. Write longer posts that are relevant to your site
  3. Use a few internal links 
  4. Choose your keywords effectively
  5. Optimize for mobile and tablets


The reason that writing blogs can boost your SEO position is because it helps answer relevant questions that your clients are asking. If you think about answers to the questions being asked and use structure that is easy to read and integrate a the tactics mentioned above it can help the your website be found by people interested in your subject!

If you can reach the top position in the Google ranking you could get a large increase in organic traffic to your website. By as much as 33% of traffic increase! Those numbers don’t lie, and a well written and audience engaging, blog SEO focused page can drastically help your website traffic.