Why building your website during slow business periods is a good idea!

Written by
Jason Rasnake

Do you run/own a seasonal business or a business that has predictable “slow times” and “busy times” of the year?

I occasionally run into a company that will say that their slow months are coming up so they don’t want to redo/do their website, but I’d argue that it is actually the best time to build/update your website!

If you are having a slow period, you need to focus on getting traffic. If you just wait until people start reaching out to you, your business is not growing and will stay slow through that time, year after year. Why not push and work on the future of your business during this slow time?

If you can get your website relevant and push some online marketing during your slow time:

A: Your busy time will be even busier because you will have your normal traffic plus the new traffic that your website will generate.

B: The following year when business slows down, you will be ready to capture any lead that may come through and hopefully end the slow times by building these up.

C: If you combine your new site with Search Engine Optimization, you can be attracting anyone searching online for your services.

Struggling Businesses

You have to keep putting money and time into your business to keep it growing. During slow times, it is hard to spend money because you are not bringing as much in. I completely understand this, and while a website will not always solve everything, it certainly will not hurt. You took a gamble by starting a business in the first place, you have to keep gambling on things to make it work. 8 out of 10 people will check your website before deciding to use your company. Your website is your online storefront! A terrible, cheap website is like having a storefront made of a cardboard box in a dark alley. A nice website does not have to break the bank and will make your visitors see that you are on top of things and know the importance of doing things right.

Businesses Doing Well

This is even more reason to redo/build your website. The capital is there and you always want to stay ahead of the game. Show that you are ready for the busy season by having a new, stronger presence for your clients to see. If your company is doing well, you are probably too busy during the busy times to work on your website so this would be the perfect time to do it. Although we do most of the work to build out a site, we still need work from the client to provide content. When else would you have the time to get this together?

I am pretty sure I have said this before but with today’s way of life, everyone is online. If you can get a couple of views that you would not normally get, this alone would be worth spending time on getting your website up and up-to-date. Your online storefront is important and should be treated as such.

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