Should I Redesign My Website?

redesign my website

Redesign my website? Is it necessary to redesign my website? In short, yes, websites are living documents. There is a need to keep your site updated with content and updated. Studies show consumers only need about 50 milliseconds (or .5 seconds) to decide if they stay or leave your website. Users will also not recommend your business based on […]

Editing Your Elementor Website

common website mistakes

As you know, there are so many ways to build a website, whether it is the type of coding language, Content Management System, or more. When you choose a WordPress site with Nextfly, you have the choice to build your website using custom code or a template. Many of the templates we suggest these days […]

Common Website Mistakes

common website mistakes

Having a website is essential for almost every business. That is why it is crucial to avoid these Common Website Mistakes. Do Not Assume that Longer Pages are Best. It is important to have enough content for your audience to stay interested, but if there is too much text, then users will lose interest. Using too […]

Building Your Dream “Home”

You could not imagine the number of calls I get where a client or even a potential client says, “I have a website already, but I was hoping you could make it look better.” Very few times this means that they have to two small edits that could take less have 5 hours of work. […]

Nextfly’s Step By Step Design Process

While a lot of the individuals who call into Nextfly already have websites, there is a great number of people that call in that don’t. Many of these people do not know where to start. Even individuals that already have a website may have the wrong expectation of what the steps are and how long […]

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Having a poorly performing website cause a business to lose customers, and no one wants that. Web design combines form and function in a way that makes the site enjoyable, navigable, interesting, and usable. That is why we’ve put together some common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid. Web Design Mistakes to Avoid No Clear Call […]

Reasons Why You May Need a Rebrand

It is said that businesses should rebrand every 7 to 10 years to create a brand that people will remember and grow with. Many companies do not see the need for change; therefore, it is harder to make larger internal changes or grow their client base.  There are many reasons why a company should grow […]

What is Responsive Web Design and Why Does My Site Need it?

Prior to tablets and cell phones, all websites were built in one standard size. During this time, websites utilized horizontal track bars to be able to view all of the content that did not fit the screen size that you had. The idea of a one-sized design was flawed from the very beginning. It did […]