Why Your Website Needs Professional Images

It goes without saying that people are naturally drawn to visually appealing products. Your website follows the same rule! Finding Professional Images for your website can be hard. You need them to be high quality, easy to access, and properly licensed. While finding imagery to compliment content on your website can be overwhelming, it doesn’t […]

What Makes A Good Logo?

Indianapolis Web Design and branding

A good logo design is so important for a business. It’s the first impression people have of your workplace and it’s a vital part of every business identity kit. A good logo design should complement your company’s brand via a set of basic design principles. When it comes to branding, a great logo is key. […]

Why Images are Important to your Website

Images are important to any online marketing campaign by connecting with the visitor and establishing trust. Using high-quality, professional photography can help you differentiate yourself from the competition and contribute to the overall performance of your website. The photos and graphics we use present the personality of our company by showing who it is and […]

Quick and Easy Ways of Taking Screenshots in Windows 8/8.1

Coming from the world of Mac where screenshots are just built right into the Operating System using shortcuts like Command + Shift + 3 or Command + Shift + 4 for a snipping tool, I have found Windows to be very cumbersome. The tedious task of snapping a screenshot involves hitting the PRNT SCRN key, opening […]

Adobe Launches New Apps For Mobile

Yesterday, Adobe revealed at their CCNEXT conference the most updates for their services than they ever have. With that have come new updates for all of the creative cloud lineups, and more specifically the release of more mobile apps. To get full use of the newest apps and releases you will however need a Creative […]

Why Website Banners Are Important

Website design changes frequently. What is popular a year ago, might not be the next. Right now, a lot of website designs come with a large rotating banner at the top of the page. Nextfly has one that you can see here: The banner image takes up about a quarter of the website design – […]