Web Design Terms You Should Know

Indianapolis Web Design worker on a computer

Algorithm An algorithm is a set of steps that will carry out specific tasks. In the computer programming world, it’s a process that is written by code to help solve problems. Browser A Web browser is an application used for viewing web pages. Some of the more well-known browsers include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple’s […]

Web Design Trends To Avoid

It’s important to keep up with the latest web design trends. In general, using the latest and greatest web design techniques can make your site look more modern, which can help it attract more visitors. While Web design trends are constantly changing, some come and go really quickly. If you’re not keeping up with the […]

4 Reasons Why Web Hosting Is Critical to Your Website’s Success

Web Hosting Server

When I speak with potential clients who have never had a website before, many do not know that your website needs hosting. Web hosting is purchased/rented server space to house your website files. These files include your system software, images, pages, etc. Without this, your website would only be a domain with nowhere to go. […]

A Beginners Guide to the Most Popular Web Development Programming Languages

HTML: HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is usually the first web development programming language anyone starting out in web development learns. HTML is the foundation that over 90% of websites are built on. In essence, HTML provides the structure for a webpage by breaking out the content into sections such as titles, headings, […]

How Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) Can Improve Your Website

Today’s businesses are looking for new ways to take advantage of current and emerging technologies, and at the top of that list is Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short. AI allows companies to automate processes for simple applications, complex applications, and everything in between. One great aspect of AI is that you don’t have to […]

Are You Missing the Mark on Your Leads?

Unless you have a dedicated marketing team, you may be missing leads you weren’t aware of.  If you don’t stay on track of following-up with leads or checking in with current customers, you could also be missing potential business opportunities. How many times have we all reached out to a lead once or twice, but […]

DDoS Attacks; What are they and How can they be prevented?

DDoS Attack

DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial-of-service) have become increasingly common in the last few years and even more so over the previous year. Netscout announced findings from its bi-annual Threat Intelligence Report; that there was a record-setting 10,089,687 DDoS attacks observed during 2020. That brings up questions; what are DDoS attacks and why they should be concerned about them. What are […]

Building Your Dream “Home”

You could not imagine the number of calls I get where a client or even a potential client says, “I have a website already, but I was hoping you could make it look better.” Very few times this means that they have to two small edits that could take less have 5 hours of work. […]