Which eCommerce Platform Is Best For My Business?

Shopping on the internet has been the best thing since sliced bread. You can buy everything you could ever possibly want available to you without leaving the comfort of your couch. If you’re a retailer looking to move your store from the mall to the internet, you might currently be in the process of determining […]

What Happens When You Wear Headphones For too Long?

Since we are staring at our phones and desktops for longer periods of time these days, we are wearing earbuds or headphones more often. We wear our earbuds to workout, watch videos or movies, or listen to podcasts and music. Most of the time when you are wearing earbuds, you are trying to decompress or […]

Get to know…Devon Williams!

Meet Devon Williams, our Creative Operations Manager here at Nextfly. When we have a problem, need some Dayquil, want a fresh pot of coffee or just have a question, Devon is our girl. Devon has been here for three years (as of today) and has learned a lot about every aspect of the web design […]

Are Your Employees Overwhelmed? 3 Signs and What to Do About It

Have you ever had an employee that is unengaged, underproductive, or cynical? The first thing that pops in our head is that they need a little more discipline. It is never our first thought to think that this employee may be overwhelmed or burnt-out, especially if this employee is usually always on his A-game. Burnout […]

6 Ways Your Website Could Be Driving Your Customers Away

Whether you known it or not, your website is one of your powerhouse money making tools. It’s actually one of the best that you can have in your arsenal. It’s up to you how you use it. Does your current website pull in your customer? Show them who you are? Allow sales to go through […]

When Was The Last Time You Evaluated Your Business’ Marketing Efforts?

How do I Determine if I am Doing Enough? Are you seeing your competitors show up before you on Google? Are you getting leads and sales by online tactics? What is your current marketing/advertising budget? Is your website mobile friendly? Not knowing what to do next is okay, we can help! Some Questions to Ask […]

What is Elementor and Why Do I Love It?

In the web design world, it is very important to create pages that are very visually appealing. Your website and its creativity are what draws your clients in to purchase a product or service. Well how to you create these fun interior pages without spending a lot of money for a fully custom interior page? […]

5 Ways to Stay Organized When You Are Super Busy

Staying organized is a never-ending task. Whether you are busy designing your perfect website. Or running a fortune 500 company. Or busy holding down the fort as a stay at home parent. Or designing and building websites to help companies reach their optimal level of potential, finding ways to stay organized during the busy times, […]