Why Your Website Needs Professional Images

It goes without saying that people are naturally drawn to visually appealing products. Your website follows the same rule! Finding Professional Images for your website can be hard. You need them to be high quality, easy to access, and properly licensed. While finding imagery to compliment content on your website can be overwhelming, it doesn’t […]

Nextfly Develops Online Videos for SBC

Recently Nextfly had the privilege to work with SBC Wealth Management on re-designing their website. It was a complete overhaul of their old site and was laid out to specifically show the people behind the company. To do this, Nextfly worked with SBC to produce videos for their website. On thehomepage, front and center, there’s an […]

Adidas Vs. Nike: The Battle of the Videos!

The World Cup is finally here, and with that comes some stellar promotional video material from two of football’s, or soccer as most Americans know it, most prominent brands: Adidas and Nike. So lets look at some of the recent releases and compare their content that they are socially sharing. Adidas Their first marketing push […]

Vine Accounts Worth Following

Over two years ago I started using the app Instagram. It wasn’t as popular as it is now at the time, but I always enjoyed taking photographs. I loved how Instagram made my photographic abilities look much more impressive than it they really are but often thought “why don’t they have a video app like […]

The Shift of Documentation over Experience

Just recently I stumbled upon a TED Talk given by Ricky Van Veen, co-creator of College Humor, about the future of social media. In the discussion, he talked about the concept that people share content online for one reason and one reason only: Identity creation. What is identity creation? It is how people share things […]

Internet April Fools

On April Fools Day, loads of people around you might try their hand at a prank or two. Maybe it’s your teacher assigning you a “pop quiz” or your sister telling you she found your “birth certificate” that says you are adopted. You think you might be safe looking something up on Google or searching […]

Super Bowl Digital Strategies

Growing up I was obsessed with the Super Bowl. Being a Bears fan, you know that this not because my team was a regular attendee of the “Big Game”, but instead I was a huge fan of the commercials. Due to the overwhelming amount of press releases and teaser trailers for the game, I knew […]

Ways to Keep Your Website Lookin’ Good

Developing a website is a lot of work.  You have to think about what purpose the site has for your company, what content you want on it, what you want it to look and feel like, etc. After you get the site up and running – you may think you can sit back and relax, […]