Advanced Tactics to Boost your Facebook Ad ROI Overnight

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Brett Beck

Facebook Ads are one of the hottest marketing tools in the online advertising world right now. You might already be using it to connect to a wider audience, but are you aware of the advanced hacks this platform offers?

Columbus web design companies have noted that as more and more companies are using Facebook Ads to generate leads, and sell their products, this marketing strategy has grown more expensive.

And with such expensive Facebook Ad campaigns, it’s crucial that you optimize your ads for the optimum clickthrough rate (CTR) and conversion.

Here are some of the most effective techniques to boost your Facebook Ads CTR to help you drive more traffic at less cost.

News Feed is the best bet: No matter what people say, when it comes to the best ad placement options, news feed ads beat the right-sidebar ads by a big margin – especially if your goal is a higher CTR.

Research shows that since an ad in the news feed has a longer description and a larger image, it attracts the users’ attention right away.

Talk directly to your target audience: Instead of using an ad that talks about something to the targets, talk directly to the targets. By speaking to them directly, you can help them visualize the results of using your product (or service).

Use second-person pronouns in your content copy to make it more personal and engaging; the more direct your ad is, the stronger their response will be.

Use high quality unique images: Instead of using generic stock images for your news feed ads, use images that look natural and real. Using unique images that customers identify with is the quickest way boost your CTR, especially because a lot of businesses are still using stock images.

In many cases, a rough or real-looking image catches the attention of customers way faster than a professional looking generic image. Over the years, Facebook users have grown immune to the obvious “professional” advertising; now they respond very positively to the “real” images.

Break down your audience: You might already know that it is much easier to achieve high engagement with a smaller audience. If you are currently stuck at 1% or lesser CTR, maybe it’s time to break down your larger audience and create multiple smaller “micro-audiences.”

For example, if you are targeting women, then target a small age group of women aged 35 to 40, and use an image and headline that specifically speaks to that group. Similarly, you can segment them based on their interests (a specific interest); or based on their location (a specific location).

Always do the A/B testing: Okay, despite what the copy gurus say, it’s not the copy or even headline that’s the most important part of your Facebook Ad; it’s the image. A really attractive image can double, heck, triple or even 10x your CTR.

No matter what results you are getting from your ad campaign – good or bad – it’s important to test different images to find that high-performing perfect image. We recommend testing at least 5 images before you declare your campaign a success.

Once you find the winner, only then begin with testing the variations of your copy and headline. To compare, let each ad get you at least 100 clickthroughs to your website before you consider it a winner or a loser.

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