Can You Convert A Skeptic Buyer with Live Stream Video?

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Brett Beck

A latest trend has emerged in the world of Columbus web design and development – live video marketing. Even though the online marketers were a bit wary about using live video streaming in the beginning, even the toughest skeptics are swearing by it.

It’s no wonder then, every social media platform is now offering a live video element, the biggest players being – YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope (Twitter), and Instagram Live.

How can it be useful?

Perhaps the biggest and most obvious advantage of a live video marketing is it’s helpful in product demonstrations for a B2C brand. Many times, targeted customers are doubtful of a new launch, say, a cosmetic product, and live video has proven very successful in allaying their fears. But cosmetics companies or even other B2C companies are not the only ones who can generate more leads with this.

If you are creative and your brand has a story to tell, live video marketing could be priceless in connecting with other B2B businesses. Here are some of the most common ways a business can use a live video;

Holding Q&A sessions with your audience

  • Even having conversations with your audience’s end users
  • New product/service launch announcements
  • Teaching your audience about a specific topic (like how to use the product)
  • Organizing fund-raising campaigns

Another advantage of using live videos is the quality of customer engagement. Research has shown that audiences are much more likely to convert after watching a video than reading a sales copy!

This doesn’t surprise us at all. As we have said again and again, customers have grown a lot more cynical in the last decade. They read a lot of reviews, and even engage with the brand personnel in some cases (using the live chat feature, for example), before they buy the product.

And if you come across as a brand that is genuinely trying to be helpful, brownie points to you. A live video is by far the best way to connect with them as it banks on emotion. With the live videos, your business is not a faceless brand anymore. A customer can look at you (the VP, for example), gauge your emotions, read your intent, and finally trust you based on her instinct.

No other kind of marketing tool offers this level of insane engagement with customers.

How to integrate the Live-stream Videos?

It begins with knowing your purpose (Zen-y much?). Why do you want to use a live video? Is it to improve sales? Or maybe you want to generate more leads? Are you looking to grow your audience, or grow your mailing list?

After figuring that out, decide a format for your live video; Interviews, Q&A sessions, new product reveals, Instructional (how-to) videos, or Behind-the-scene sneak peeks. This will depend on the type of your audience or the platform you are using. Right now, Facebook is the most popular choice for live video streams.

What not to do

Since this post is about convincing the hard, skeptical buyers, we should probably talk about the pitfalls that need to be avoided.

It’s true that a live video puts you directly in front of the targets which is awesome for increasing engagement, but it could also backfire if you appear to be unclear or…flaky.

Unless you are 110% sure about the purpose of your live video, don’t do it. If you appear hesitant, doubtful, or worse, nervous – because you’ve never been in front of a camera – the audience won’t be impressed. Of course, you can hire professional actors to be in front of the camera but it is not advisable as it doesn’t generate trust.

Also, make sure that the quality of lighting, camera, and sound is impeccable. This should be obvious; bad or even mediocre quality of video will not impress anyone in this age, where 1080p videos are the norm.

Final verdict

Research, research, and research some more. Not every target audience can be sold with a live stream video, so do some testing before you go buy that DSLR. For example, if your business sells snow tires, it doesn’t matter how advanced your social content strategy is. But if you sell winter boots, a live video that shows your boots in action will be well received.

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